11 Natural Cure For Nasal Polyps

Natural Cure To Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are masses that grow out of the nose which can move and are non tender. They can be very painful, can block the nose and cause discomfort while breathing and can even widen the bridge of the nose. Hence effective and prompt treatment is necessary. Mostly steroids are given as treatment, which are not very effective, thus causing to find other modes of treatment.

There are various herbs and natural remedies that can be used to build a stronger immune system and prevent the appearance of nasal polyps. The below mentioned guide gives you the best natural cures for the same: –

Natural Cure For Nasal Polyps

Vitamin C

Vitamin C To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Vitamin C found in the citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons help boost the immune system and hence help the body to fight infection such as nasal polyps. Bioflavinoids present in citrus fruits are important for the health of nasal tissue and blood vessels and thus help normalize the conditions inside the nose. Consuming one or two fruits in a day can have a dramatic impact on the polyps.

Herbal Juices And Infusions

Dandelion Juice To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Three tablespoons of a herbal juice made from dandelion leaves and watercress herb, taken three times a day is very effective in giving relief from polyps and boosting the immune system. Inhaling the steam of or drinking a herbal infusion made from a herb like hay flower on a regular and daily basis will relieve to a great extent the discomfort caused by nasal polyps.

Horseradish And Honey

Honey To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Horseradish is a very strong herb used to clear out the nasal passage. Honey is an antiseptic and anti inflammatory agent. You need to mix 200 grams of horseradish with two cups of natural honey. Consume one teaspoon of this mixture two times a day at morning and at night until the polyps completely disappear.


Xanthium To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Xanthium is a traditional and very popular herb in Chinese medicine. Healers in Chinese medicine use the dried herb to treat variety of nasal conditions like rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal congestion and of course even nasal polyps. This herb is believed to open the nasal passage thus curing the polyps.


Magnolia To Reduce Nasal Polyps

The bark of the Magnolia tree and its flowers are used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the condition of nasal polyps and sinusitis. The bark is an astringent so it breaks down the mucus and protects the nasal mucus membranes as well as improves blood circulation to the nose. Thus it clears the nasal passage. This herb must not be used if constipated as it will causes more pain and discomfort.


Cayenne To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Cayenne pepper is rich in a chemical called capsaicin. This chemical has strong anti pain and styptic properties. Also it can stimulate circulation and strengthen capillaries. Spraying of capsaicin into the nasal passages helps to shrink the polyps, and thus allows the patients to breathe more easily. The pepper if used directly will cause irritation and hence must be diluted enough before use.


Eyebright To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Eyebright have several chemicals like iridoid glycosides, tannins and phenolic acids. Iridoid glycosides inhibit the formation of prostaglandin and hence have anti inflammatory effect, tannins have an astringent effect and phenolic acids have anti bacterial properties. All these actions of various chemicals help in shrinking the nasal polyps.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Deep breathing or pranayam sessions done for ten minutes thrice a day will reduce the discomfort caused by the polyps. Slowly the polyps will disappear and new ones will not for, if these sessions are continued regularly.

Inhalation and Humidifiers

Steam To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Some mint leaves or peppermint oil added to the water to be used for steam inhalation opens up the nasal passage which helps in breathing better and loosens the polyps from the mucus membrane. When this process is done on a daily basis the polyps disappear. Warm mist humidifiers should be used at home if living in an area with dry climate as it helps keep the nasal passage moist and reduce the symptoms caused by polyps.


Sanguinaria To Reduce Nasal Polyps

Homeopathy a treats the human body as a whole and is a holistic system of medicine, hence where the polyps are due to deep seated chronic disorders like asthma or allergies this constitutional treatment is usually taken up by homeopathic physicians. Sanguinaria, Teucrium, Calcarea Carb are usually used in treatment.

Nasal Rinse

Nasal Rinse To Reduce Nasal Polyps

It is very important to rinse the nasal passage regularly. A nasal rinse made by mixing half a teaspoon of Epsom salts with a cup of lukewarm water should be used regularly to rinse the nasal passage. This will prevent the formation of nasal polyps.