6 Natural Cure For Mono

Natural Cure To Mono

Mono is also known as Mononucleosis, it is a viral disease that targets the respiratory system. At the same time, the lymph glands as well as tissues in different regions like neck, armpits, spleen, groin, liver and bronchial tubes face the risk of being infected too. 

There may be different symptoms and causes for Mono, but the good news is that you can now opt for a natural cure for Mono. Gone are those days when you had to rely on market drugs, which possibly pose a risk of side effects. Some people do not even realize if they are allergic to some ingredient and eventually it leads to side effects. Therefore, setting all these risky items aside, you can rely on natural cure; it works wonders and has no side effects too.

Best Natural Cure For Mono



Be it any infection, what you eat always makes a great deal of difference. As much as you need to rely on a healthy diet always, in situations like Mono infection, you must make wise choices as far as your intake is concerned.

It has been recommended by experts that you must opt for at least four to six meals a day instead of standard three meals. At the same time, do not overeat, the reason why the meals have been distributed over four or six meals because you should opt for smaller meals throughout the day. In addition to this, you must rely on raw foods like sprouts, nuts, seeds etc. Also, include carbohydrates immensely; it could be in the form of pastas or potatoes. If you are particular about going in for non-animal protein, then cheese, nut butter or yogurt can be consumed.


Tomatoes Juice

As you know, when you are unwell, juices are the most relied upon option. They don’t just help you feel better but have certain health benefits too. For a natural cure for Mono, you can combine tomatoes, carrot, garlic, onion and green pepper. This juice may not taste like your regular juices but it does help you feel a lot better very soon. Alternatively, you can opt for wheat grass juice or any other fresh green drinks.

Power of  Good Sleep

Power of  Good Sleep

There have been many Mono cases revolving around stress. What you need to do is understand that while you are under stress, your body is not getting sufficient amount of sleep. Even if you feel you are sleeping the standard hours, the stress keeps working on your mind and eventually the condition of Mono persists or gets worse. Therefore, with the other natural measures you are using to treat Mono, make sure you are getting yourself the desired amount of sleep. If you think you need more than the standard seven hours, go for it because in a condition like this, you need immense rest and what better way than catching up on good sleep. With better sleep, the body will produce necessary hormones that will help you recover from Mononucleosis.

Herbal Therapy


You can combine different herbs and consume it on a daily basis until you find a positive change in your health. Remember, the infection will take some time to come down, of course you will find results soon but to get completely rid of the viral infection, you need to give it a few days. Herbs play a very important role in allowing the infectious elements to come out of your system. Combine Cleavers, Echinacea, Calendula, Wormwood and Myrrh all in equal portions. Consume this mixture every day at least four times, do this for a few days and you will find a brilliant change.

Sunlight and Exercises

Sunlight and Exercises

If you expose your body to adequate sunlight, you are helping your immune system to grow stronger. As you know, the stronger the immune system, chances of catching an infection is less. For thousands of years, sunlight has been relied upon as one of the oldest healing means. With enough exposure to the sun, your body will start producing more white blood cells, which are known as the perfect defense agents.

Along with sunlight, spend some time indulging in exercises. You don’t have to get involved in rigorous exercise; some gentle exercises are going to be highly effective in such a situation. Do not exercise to exhaust yourself, rather do it to make your body feel fresh as this will help heal your body. Just go in for regular breathing exercises.



If you detox your body, all infections are bound to die down. As a natural cure for Mono, you can close your eyes and rely on Water. It kills the toxins in your body and sooner you will find beneficial results right before your eyes. Certainly, don’t just rely on water while you are experiencing Mono; make it a habit to drink excessive water on a regular basis because it will keep all the health problems at bay.