Best Natural Cures For High Blood Sugar

High Blood Sugar

High Blood Sugar Blood sugar level of our body increases when the pancreas is unable to produce or the body is unable to utilize the hormone called insulin. Insulin regularizes or checks the blood sugar level in your body. Under these circumstances insulin has to be introduced into the body externally, and this is done in the form of insulin shots.

This condition is generally termed as diabetes. People suffering from high blood sugar must realize that maintaining the glucose level of your body is the only way to prevent further complications that could arise from this disease. Natural medicines are competent enough to check the high blood sugar levels of your body. Nevertheless, you must consult your doctor before coming to a conclusion.

Natural Cures For High Blood Sugar


Herbs, in all its variety have always proved to be fruitful as a natural cure for several diseases. Basil specifically works to check the blood sugar level that increases occasionally due to a hormone called cortisol.


Cortisol is a hormone related to stress and is produced when the body is subjected to extremely stressful situations. Therefore, you must consume basil leaves on a regular basis

Fenugreek And Gooseberry

Fenugreek leaves and seeds are rich in fiber and that is what helps in controlling the blood sugar levels of your body. Trigonelline is another component that is actively present in fenugreek seeds and it has properties related to lowering blood sugar levels of the body.


Gooseberry or amla widely used in India is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. This medicinal property of gooseberry enhances insulin generation in your body. Therefore, both gooseberry and fenugreek must be consumed in large quantities by a person suffering from high blood sugar.


Garlic is used by us almost every day in our diet. But very few of us really know about its medicinal qualities. Garlic helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels of the body and has the capability of dissolving fats.


Presence of fat increases your body weight and that in turn puts pressure on the pancreas, due to which it is unable to function properly. If you are suffering from high blood sugar, consume garlic in the form of supplements.

Drink Green Tea

Drinking cinnamon tea and green tea has proved to be beneficial for high blood sugar patients. Prepare cinnamon tea by boiling a few cinnamon sticks in water and then leave it to steep for a few minutes.

  cinnamon tea

Green tea can also be prepared in the same manner. You can use a natural sweetener called stevia in the tea. Make this a habit and you are bound to find results very soon.

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Lifestyle Changes

A person suffering from high blood sugar must have a very active lifestyle. Regardless of whether you are working or not, you must exercise on a regular basis. Take a stroll in the park or do brisk walking.


Running two to three times in a week will boost the metabolism of your body. An improved blood circulation helps to cure any disease in the long run. Along with this you must also keep yourself hydrated. Therefore, consume lots of water every day.

Chromium And Vanadium

These two minerals help in the metabolism of sugar. In other words chromium enhances the function of insulin and vanadium has the capability of actually replacing the work done by insulin. However, a diet rich in over processed food containing refined sugar and white flour causes deficiency of these minerals in your body.

Therefore, instead of worrying about the rising blood sugar levels in your body, consume these minerals in abundance, because both chromium and vanadium, works as insulin and keeps the blood sugar levels under control. They can be taken as supplements or foods like meat, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are all rich in chromium and vanadium.

A high blood sugar level in your body is not a very good sign of your health. Once you learn that blood sugar level in your body is high, you must take immediate steps to stabilize it. Otherwise serious complications could develop.