Mouthwatering Grilled Chicken Recipe

There are endless ways of cooking grilled chicken. The best thing about this dish is that it allows you to experiment to the fullest. Just dump your favorite sauces and spices to prepare a marinade and then grill the chicken pieces according to your desire.

Mouthwatering Grilled Chicken Recipe

Grilled chicken is not only an easy recipe but is also a taste bud comforter. Just the mere sight of a palate of juicy and charred grilled chicken will persuade you to dig in. So, if you have been searching for an easy grilled chicken recipe, make sure that you give this recipe a try and you won’t be disheartened.

Servings: 4-5
Time needed for preparation: 40-50 minutes
Time needed for cooking: 10-12 minutes


2 lbs. of chicken thighs
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon + 1teaspoon of maple syrup
2 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Salt, to taste
2 tablespoons of light soy sauce
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
3 tablespoons of rice vinegar
2-3 teaspoons of hot chili paste or sauce


1. Take 2 large cloves of garlic and peel off their skin. Crush the garlic cloves and then chop them finely. Once done, throw them into a mortar and then crush them until you get a fine garlic paste. Once done, add the hot chili paste to the garlic paste and then process the mixture once again until you get a fine and well mixed paste. Next, add the soy sauce, mayonnaise, maple syrup and rice vinegar. Once everything is added, process the mixture once again by holding the pestle firmly. Process the mixture until you get an almost smooth marinade.

Crush the garlic

2. Now take a bowl and lay the chicken pieces in that. Pour the marinade over the chicken pieces and then toss them to coat all of them evenly with the marinade. Sprinkle some salt and freshly ground black pepper over the chicken pieces and then give them a nice toss so that the seasonings reach every nook and corner of the chicken pieces. Once done, cover up the bowl with a plastic cling film and let the chicken pieces sit in the marinade for 30-40 minutes. In the meantime, heat up your grill.

chicken pieces

3. Once your grill turns hot and smoky, remove the plastic cling film from the top of the chicken and place the chicken pieces one by one on the grill without shaking off any excess marinade. Place the chicken pieces smooth-side down on the grill as it makes the grilling process a lot easier and you will get nice grill marks on the chicken pieces. Grill the chicken pieces for 5-6 minutes or until they automatically start coming off the grill and no longer stick to the grills.

chicken pieces smooth

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4. Once that happens, flip the chicken pieces carefully and slowly and then grill the other side for another 5-6 minutes or until they are thoroughly cooked. Leave the chicken pieces on for a few more minutes if you want your chicken pieces to develop nice charred grill marks. Flip the chicken pieces occasionally to prevent them from burning and then remove them from the grill as soon as they turn brownish and develop gorgeous grill marks. Serve the warm grilled chicken with a few lemon wedges so that the lemon juice can enhance their flavors.