Most Recommended Injections For Arthritis

Types of injection for artheritis

Types of injection for artheritis Almost everybody has heard the word “arthritis”. The definition of the word arthritis says that it is a kind of joint inflammation but this is not enough as it is related to around 100 diseases linked with joints, connecting tissues of the joints and surrounding joints.

This problem affects different human beings differently. But it is more common in people above the age of 60.The two most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both these problems have different causes, risks and effects on the body.

In some cases, the problem of arthritis makes it impossible to do certain kind of activities. So in such cases you should talk to your doctor to help you get a solution to this problem and its effects on the body. The problem of arthritis can be managed with the help of over the counter medications, prescribed medications, therapies, exercises and diet.

Another treatment option that can be used for faster and effective result is injection for arthritis. Two common injections given for the treatment of arthritis are cortisone shots and viscosupplements.These are discussed in detail.

Types Of Injections For Arthritis

Cortisone Injection

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This injection helps to decrease the inflammation in the joints and reduce the pain in the joints.This injection can be given at a doctors’ place or at your home with the help of a nurse. The patient gets the relief from arthritis pain within a few days to a few weeks. This is basically a steroid shot which is used for the treatment of many conditions of orthopedics.

Side Effect Of This Injection

The chances of side effect of this injection are rare as small amount of cortisone enters the bloodstream. This affects mainly diabetic people as sugar levels in their body tend to increase with this injection.

Some women suffer from the problem of flushing sensation with redness on the face with the injection of cortisone. Other common side effects are pain, chances of infection, loss of fatty tissues and weakening of tendons.

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Epidural Steroid Injections

These injections are given using an X-ray so as to move the medicine to the area which is adjacent to the inflamed spinal nerves.This injection has similar side effects as cortisone but the chances of infection are nil as X-rays are used to inject the medicine at the right place.


This injection is recommended for patients who have not given a good response to the basic treatment of arthritis, non-medicinal measures and analgesic drugs for the treatment of this problem. It is available in several types of preparations which are now commercially available.

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This injection will give very good results when the problem of arthritis is in its early stages. This injection is also suggested when you want to delay your joint surgery. But this is not at all a long time measure to get rid of the problem of arthritis.

Side Effects Of Viscosupplements

The results are not immediate. The pain will go away after a few weeks. There may be slight swelling on the affected area. You need to avoid excessive weight lifting work and need not to stand on your legs for longer durations. If the swelling is not getting healed then you need to take help from your physician as he will remove the excess fluids from the wound, if any.