Most Ravishing Plaited Hair Styles For Women

Plaited Hair Styles For Women

With the many different styles and trends in haircuts and hairstyles today, a girl always aims at having the best one to suit her look and enhance her beauty. Different hairstyles can be found in almost all parts of the world and people from all over the globe are using such styles depending on what is in fashion at the time.

A very well known trend this year is plaited hair styles. It consists of a braid that is changed into many different forms and looks stunning. Below are a few different types of such braided hairstyle.

Plaited Hair Styles For Women

The Crown Plait

In this hairstyle the braids can either be pinned up at the back or a portion of the hair can be used. The hair from the back of the ears is braided right to the tip and is held back with the help of hair pins and clips.

Crown plait

This can be done with the rest of the hair open and falling loose at the back. Another way would be to braid all the hair on both sides of the head into 2 plaits and these plaits are then crossed and pinned back to look like a crown.

The Fishtail Plait

This kind of hairstyle looks extremely stunning if done perfectly well. The hair is braided with just 2 sections of the hair instead of three. Tiny portions of the left and right portions are used to create the braid instead of a single third section of the hair. While doing this, just make sure the hair blends in to 2 portions to create a fishtail like pattern.

The Fringe Plait

For those who suffer from an oily fringe or its just not their best hair day, the best hairstyle for them would be to French braid their fringe right from the top side of the head to the back of the ears.

Fringe Plait

This is a very sophisticated hairstyle and can be used for women who are looking to get away with another day without shampooing their hair. Big and small braids and plaits can be used for such a hairstyle.

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The Freestyle Plait

In this kind of a plaited hair style, a braid is created from the crown or the side of the head to the middle portion leaving the remaining part or the rest of your hair open and falling loosely. Braids can be made from any side of the hair, depending on your creativity. Use one or many braids at the back of your free flowing long hair to give it that extra beauty.

The Over-The-Shoulder Plait

This is a very stunning and exquisite hairstyle that is used by many celebrities and models all over the world. It consists of a braid that is made by clamping the hair to one side and braided right down to the tip.

Over-The-Shoulder Plait

With the help of one’s fingers loosen out a few strands of hair to fall over the face to give it that natural look. This hairstyle looks brilliant on girls with longer hair and medium length hair. Teenagers and college girls can also get this done at home for themselves.

These are a few of the many different ways in which you can create the best looking hairstyles with the help of braids and plaits. For those who are unable to create one of their own at home, they can take help from a friend or just visit the salon for that extra special occasion. So why wait, try one of these out at home and see how it transforms your looks!