Most Important Natural Cure For Minor Cuts

Minor Cuts

Minor Cuts Skin is the largest organ of the body that plays a significant role in keeping us healthy. Under optimal conditions, human body is very efficient in repairing injuries like cuts or bruises and protects the body from invasion of microbes through such injuries. The moment the skin undergoes an injury in form of bruises and cuts, the inflammation process gets activated that protects the injured site from more injuries and begins the natural tissue repair mechanism.

Though, deep and serious should be immediately given medical attention. For rest other, the body is efficient enough to handle simple cuts and bruises. One can support body defense and fasten the process with use of effective natural remedies that are beneficial for disinfecting and healing cuts. No matter how careful we have been, occasionally all of us do come across getting cuts over our skin surfaces. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the natural and safe solutions to heal the same.

Essential Natural Cure For Minor Cuts

As cut appears it makes a slit in skin allowing moisture to get loss from the tissues beneath it, leading to death of superficial cells, thereby forming a scab (collection of dried blood and fluids). Hence, it is important to use methods that improve the moisture content and avoid drying of the wounded area.

Washing Out Germs

Washing Out Germs

The first step after getting a cut is to wash it under fresh water, to clear off all the dirt or germs that might have appeared. This will ensure cleaning the cut and keeping it moist.

Lick Wounds or Cuts

Under unavailability of access to water or soap, just lick the cut skin surface to remove contaminants with help of antibacterial nature of the saliva. But, in case wound is deep, avoid licking it as it could be troublesome than being useful. Even after licking, wash the cut surface as soon as possible.

Raw Honey

Raw honey has been used traditionally too for healing infections, since past 2000 years. The sugar content of honey interacts with water, thereby inhibiting the microbial growth over the cut.


The combination of wound and honey produces hydrogen peroxide that offers antibacterial activity without causing any damage to underlying tissues. Best known honey for healing cuts is Manuka Honey. With application of raw honey, the pain from the cut vanishes, in just 30 minutes. For best results, keep honey overnight and cover it with a bandage.

Tea Tree And Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil

For healing scrapes, bruises or cuts, both tea tree oil and lavender oil have proven to be an excellent remedy. These oils speeds up healing process, without causing any pain and kills away infectious germs. Even the pain from wounds disappears instantly, after application of these healing oils.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antiseptic, germicidal and antibiotic that helps in repair of tissues, leading to rapid healing. Keep applying colloidal silver frequently for fast improvements, by keeping the surface moist.

Vitamin E Capsule

The potent antioxidant of Vitamin E is good for healing hearts and healing minor cuts. Prick one capsule of vitamin E with help of a sterile needle and squeeze the oil over the cut, thrice in a day.

Vitamin E Capsule

For more severe cuts, put a bandage after oil application. Make use of natural vitamin E oil capsule (d-alpha tocopherol) as it offers the most antioxidant properties as compared to other synthetic vitamin E capsules.

Tea Bags

tea bags

Tea bags are essential too. The tannins present in tea helps in rapid coagulation process, leading to fast healing. Make use of wet tea bags and apply them gently over the cut. Tea bags are considered as best remedy for cuts formed within the mouth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is enriched with strong antiseptic qualities and hence, is very effective in cleaning cut skin surfaces. Make a mix of equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide. Then apply it to cuts with help of a cotton ball, and for cuts within the mouth, just swish the mixture for several seconds and spit it out.

For stopping bleeding from the cuts, one must apply pressure over the cut region to force the blood to get clot. Also, if possible, raise the cut region above heart level to slow down the flow of blood. Alternatively, one can sprinkle cayenne pepper over the cut to stop bleeding in matter of a few minutes. For deep wounds and cuts, first clean and disinfect properly and then apply either raw honey or cayenne pepper or combination of both for best results in healing of cuts.