Most Common Early Stages Of Pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy

It’s been few weeks since you have had sex with your partner and curious to know; Am I really pregnant? Well, most of the married women get this question and it is obvious to have such feelings because, every woman wants to carry a little baby after marriage.

There are some simple and basic things you will have to focus on to know whether you are carrying a baby or not, such as:

Common Early Stages Of Pregnancy

Shortness Of Breath

Do you easily end up in taking heavy and short breaths while going up the stairs or doing any activity? Then you might be pregnant. This is because, your fetus has started to grow and it needs more oxygen. It is a fact that, this condition may follow you till the last day of your pregnancy, especially, when your baby starts putting pressure on your lungs and diaphragm.

Tender Breasts

Breast Tenderness

Are you feeling mild pain in breasts while wearing bra this morning? Or do you feel that your little girls are bigger now? Tenderness of breasts, visible green or blue veins on your chest, dark areolas and heavy breasts are initial symptoms of pregnancy. You should wear comfortable bra that will ease the tenderness of your breasts to some extent.


Extreme tiredness or exertion is another indication that you are pregnant. It’s like, you were reading a book last night but didn’t even able to complete first page of it before falling asleep. This is because the level hormone is increasing in your body. You may experience this tiredness during first three months of your pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

pregnancy weeks

Is it almost 5 to 6 times you have been in the washroom for urination through the night? Then you should get yourself tested because you might be pregnant.

Missed Menstruation

Oops! Did you miss your period in this month? Don’t worry; this is one of the most leading symptoms you should expect to happen when you are pregnant. Some women may get their period even in pregnancy but this one will be lighter or shorter than normal periods.


Cramping with Bleeding

After 6-14 days after conception, implantation bleeding will be the first thing you should expect to see. Some women may also experience cramping along with spotting. Ladies keep this in mind, you still have the possibility to get pregnant, even if you don’t notice it.

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Morning Sickness

Wake up, its morning. Wait! Are you feeling sickness or feeling vomiting? Are you getting this morning sickness from few days? Then, there might be possibilities that, the GOD has listened to your prayers and blessed you with the gift of motherhood. Some women experience this sickness throughout their pregnancy. It is better to do some pregnancy tests for final confirmation.

Headaches & Backache

Headache in pregnancy

Dear ladies, if you are having sudden lower back pain after few weeks of sexual intercourse then, you should know that, this situation also occurs when you are pregnant and it is absolutely normal to experience back pain in pregnancy. Apart from this, women may also suffer from headache which can be caused due to sudden rise of hormones in your body.

Extreme Food Cravings

You are suddenly not able to eat something which you were used to like before; many women experience this situation when they are pregnant. As a matter of fact, it will remain for the next 9 months of your pregnancy.

Above mentioned stages are very common during pregnancy; if you think, this is what exactly is happening with you then, many congratulations to you that you are blessed with a baby in your belly.