Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having an awesome master bedroom to sleep and dream in. Here are some nice master bedroom decorating ideas to help you create a sumptuously comfortable and pretty bedroom.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here Are Some Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Master Bedroom Walls and Ceiling

Choosing a pleasant and soothing color of paint for your walls is really important. Bright colors like orange or bright red can make one feel more stressed and wakeful, and thereby affect sleeping patterns.

Colors like grey, white, beige, brown, cream and pale green are better suited for a tranquil atmosphere. If you really love bright colors you can opt to use a nice combination of pale yellow and pale green. Pastel shades are ideal colors for decorating a master bedroom.

Alternatively, you could also use dark colors of paint like black, dark red and purple with pale Tuscan gold accents to give your master bedroom a touch of luxury. It is best to paint the ceiling in a neutral shade of color like white.

Molding is a nice way to draw attention to your walls and ceiling as it gives them a retro decorative look. You can also use decorative wall sconces like candle wall sconces to increase the room’s attractiveness, or crystal chandeliers for a classy room. Put up some paintings or murals with matching frames in a complementary color or neutral shade like white, to add to the decorative appeal of your room.

Master Bedroom Walls and Ceiling

Master Bedroom Floors, Doors and Windows

Dark wooden flooring is ideal for a master bedroom. Though it requires more maintenance it doesn’t cost much, it looks good and is easier to match with the rest of the décor. Lay down some plush carpeting to enhance the aesthetic and comfort levels of the room.

Another awesome master bedroom decorating idea is, using a couple of funky and rad rugs and floor cushions to make the bedroom feel really inviting. It is best to go with plain (no patterns) carpeting and fabric so that it becomes simpler when color coordinating the rest of the décor.

Doors and windows have to be painted in neutral shades like white or cream. Decorative curtain rods along with delicate valances and curtains will give your windows a chic look. If the room isn’t very large, it is preferable to match the curtain fabric with the walls so that they blend in effectively.

Master Bedroom Floors, Doors and Windows

Furniture For a Master Bedroom

Selecting the right sort of furniture is very important while decorating a master bedroom. Depending on what kind of master bedroom you are decorating (medieval, modern, shabby chic, etc.) you will need to choose between wrought iron, light and dark wood furniture (painted or unpainted).

For a modern room it is fairly simple to create a very contemporary look by purchasing new furniture, or modifying your own by painting them in colors like grey, white, cream or beige. To give your room a retro, gothic or medieval look, it is best to go with wrought iron furniture.

Alternatively, you could also go with furniture like a dark wood canopy bed and other furniture with lacy slip covers. For a rustic or shabby, chic look all you need is distressed furniture and flower patterned slipcovers and linen.

To complete your master bedroom decorating task, go over your cozy little haven and add a few well chosen ornamental items for a final flourish. A few genteel statuettes and vases would be just about right to complement the rest of your décor.

Furniture For a Master Bedroom