Management Of Type 2 Diabetes

Management Of Type 2 Diabetes

Management Of Type 2 Diabetes Today millions of diabetics the world over have got a new lease of life thanks to a historic invention and experiment that led two brave scientists to discover the life saving insulin which can give a ray of hope to diabetics.

Had it not been for synthetic insulin that can now control the acceleration of the disease, the death rate due to diabetes would have been phenomenal. Although treatment with insulin is crucial, certain lifestyle changes must be incorporated to help reduce the side effects associated with diabetes. This can allow most diabetics to lead a near normal life.

Management Of Type 2 Diabetes

Diet for Diabetics

Diet is by far the most important and crucial aspects in the control of diabetes. Not only is it necessary to eat low fat and low sugar foods, but it is also necessary to regulate your meals and eat them at fixed intervals, which allows a slower release and absorption of blood sugar in the body. Eating 5-6 small meals is crucial for diabetics as it prevents sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels and helps to control the condition.

Weight Control

A majority of diabetics are overweight. Losing weight becomes the first and foremost step in the treatment of diabetes. Obesity increases the concentration of blood sugar in the body and makes the body even more resistant to insulin, which only complicates the condition further. Controlling weight keeps the weight and the blood sugar levels at an even keel and reduces the need for the individual to take regular insulin shots. This also keeps fasting blood sugar levels under control and prevents patients from going into coma.

Foot Care

Amputations, formation of pus, foot pains and infections in the feet are common amongst diabetics. One of the most important things for all diabetics to remember is to follow scrupulous foot hygiene. Wash your hands and feet everyday with  warm water and potassium permaganate which helps to kill harmful germs. Make sure you keep the area between the toes clean as this is one area which is prone to foot fungal infections. Also, wear comfortable, open toed shoes like floaters and moccasins. Change your socks everyday. Do not wear sweaty socks.



Make sure you get adequate time for rest and recreation. Stress releases the stress hormone, which indirectly affects the blood sugar levels in the body. Thus, it is vital to reduce stress through deep breathing, yoga, meditation and recreation. Be happy and smile and you will be able to reduce half the discomforts owing to the disease.

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The importance of Sleep

Regular sleep is necessary for diabetics. Sleep deprivation can make you feel stressed and increase the level of blood sugar in the body. To avoid this, do some light reading or take  a walk in order to induce sleep. Turn in early so that you get at least 7 hours of quality sleep.

Ban Smoking from your Life

Smoking and diabetes is a killer combination. Besides causing cancer, tobacco can also affect the flow of the blood in the body. The affected blood circulation can prove disastrous to the body as it gives rise to a host of cardiovascular problems and blood embolism which is lethal. In order to prevent further physical deterioration, aim for a healthy lifestyle and cut smoking completely.

Get Fit

Diabetics must incorporate some amount of exercise in their regime. According to studies, people with diabetes who exercise daily are in a better shape to gain control over the disease. They are also less likely to develop blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

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