3 Makeup Tips & Tricks To Hide A Big Nose

Makeup Tips To Hide A Big Nose

Makeup has the inherent ability to hide several flaws and enhance features that highlight a face. Having a large or big nose is not particularly a great sight and many men and women find it difficult to deal with this problem.

Although, advancement in science and technology can help you alter the shape and size of just about any organ in your body; not many resort to such activities for fear of the unknown. But a milder form of alteration is derived from the power of effective makeover. Learn some quick makeup tips and tricks to hide a big nose and step out in confidence and style.

Focus on Other Areas

Concealer To Hide A Big Nose

Dark circles under your eyes can project the appearance of a wide or large nose. Hence, use a hydrating and illuminating concealer and dab them in the right way to conceal your under-eye circles. Besides, brightening up your eye area and offering it a sense of youth and rejuvenation; this trick can make your nose appear smaller.

Easy Makeup Tricks to Hide a Large Nose

Women with wide noses should choose a dark colored foundation like a bronzer that offers the impression of a narrow and short nose. Applying makeup in and around the nose area determines the shape and structure you offer to your nose. Makeup should be applied in both dark and light tones to make the nose appear smaller. This can be achieved through two options. You can either use light tones to the sides beginning from the top of your nasal bridge and working your way down to your nostrils or use darker tones on the sides. Use an eyeshadow that blends well with your makeup or is of a similar color to the one used in your nasal area. Apply blush in close proximity to your nose to make it look thinner. Blend eye makeup and blush well so that it offers a natural impression.

Foundation To Hide A Big Nose

If your nose is too long and you intend to make it short; you can again play with colors. Dot lighter color makeup on top of your nasal bridge and a darker color at the base and blend them to reduce the length of your nose. Sometimes excessive use and play of colors in and around your nose can leave too many distinct lines especially if you aren’t adept at makeover. In such cases, lightly and evenly dab powder on the entire face to make visible lines invisible.

Play with your Other Features

Genuine Smile To Hide A Big Nose

Every face has a feature that is distinct, striking and attractive. Some women have beautiful eyes; some others have great lips and few others have either an amazing jaw line or wonderful cheek bones. Highlighting those features that render beauty to your face will pull the attention of the onlookers away from your nose if that is a problem area. There are myriad options you can play with to enhance the appearance of your most positive attribute. With several cosmetics and products inundating the market, makeup tips and tricks to hide a big nose are several. Flash a genuine smile, dress in your best and carry a beautiful attitude to exude grace and glamor.

Makeup Tips & Tricks To Hide A Big Nose