4 Make Up Tips For Small Eyes

Your eyes are one of the most important features of your face that need your constant care and attention. Different eye shapes require different makeup techniques. You must do your eye makeup intelligently to make your eyes look beautiful and attractive.

Small Eyes

The first thing you need to do to highlight your small eyes effectively is to gain knowledge of eye makeup applications for small eyes. If you are interested in learning about makeup tips then read the article to know what you can do to make your eyes look sexy and exotic.

Make Up For Small Eyes

Use a Liquid Highlighter to Enhance your Eyes

You can use a liquid highlighter to enhance your eyes and make them appear bigger. The trick is to choose the right shade of liquid highlighter that will complement your skin tone.

Liquid highlighters are available in various shades such as peach, white etc. Selecting the right type of highlighter is essential for you. Do not forget to apply liquid eyeliner after dabbing the liquid highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes.

Eye Linear

Use Neutral Eye Shadows to Make your Small Eyes Look Bigger

Wearing bright eye makeup does not look great every time. This type of makeup may or may not help you get the look you want. Instead of this, you can try neutral eye shadows but make sure that the eye shadow you choose should match with tone of your skin.

Apply the neutral eye shadow on your eyes with a light hand. If you think that dark shades of eye shadow will enhance the look of your eyes then you need to think again. Dark shades of eye shadow look best on people who have big eyes while those with small eyes should stick to light shades of all colors.

Eye Shadows

Apply Thick Mascara to Give your Eyes a Unique Look

You must use thick mascara as it is perfect for small eyes and makes them look more appealing and beautiful. Black mascara will be best for you.

First apply a thin layer of mascara on your upper lashes and leave it for few seconds and then apply a second layer of mascara to make your eyelashes appear long, thick and full. If you want to make your eyelashes look curly then you can use a lash curler but make sure to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.

Eye Makeup

Define your Brows Well

Groom your eyebrows often to give them a proper shape. Pluck out the extra hairs to make your brows look more neat and groomed. This is a very important step in making your eyes appealing, attractive and bigger than they actually are. Thin eyebrows do not necessarily look good on everybody while thick eyebrows look good on anyone as long as they are maintained.

Brows Well

However, if you have very thin eyebrows, you can use brow pencil to make them look slightly thicker.With these simple tips, you can achieve the look you desire and can make your eyes more expressive. With the right eye makeup, you can make heads turn wherever you go.