Major Causes And Solutions For Joint Pain During Pregnancy

joint pain Distribution of weight around different portions of a woman’s body, during pregnancy causes the once freely functional fluid joints, to turn painful and stiff. The changes in mother’s growing frame may not always cause joint pain, but is a possibility that can become real, more so when pregnancy is beyond the age of 35 or more.

The discomfort cause is of minor form and can be managed with easy modifications of daily schedules and activities. The excess body mass may result in increased joint pain at hip, lower back, pelvis and ankles due to over usage or over pressurizing of these joints.

Important Causes For Joint  Pain During Pregnancy

Joint Pressure

joint pressure

The primary factor causing joint pain and discomfort in ‘would be mothers’ is the increased force under which the joints need to work. The tender joints need to bear the increased body mass and joint pain is observed mainly in weight bearing joints of ankles and hips. The risk is more profound in women who have been overweight, before pregnancy. Therefore, it is advisable to have an optimal body weight, while going ahead with newer and additional responsibility of motherhood.



Joint discomfort in pregnant women could be the result of fatigue and not the result of increased weight. The body is gearing up to handle the task of preparing itself for the needs of the growing baby and therefore, the pregnant women may feel much exhausted due to lack of energy that may give rise to joint pain and sleepiness. The aches in joint occurring due to fatigue get diminished after the delivery and then mom reverts back to its normal energy levels, without having any aching joints.

Easy  Solutions To Deal With Joint Pain

Take complete rest

Rest properly and adequately each day and let the energy levels get replenished, before gearing up for the next day. Never try to go over board and exhaust yourself as it will highly likely to increase the severity of  joint pain.

complete rest

Take a break and rest when you feel exhausted, while working through the day and at night, complete 8 hours of sleep. If  legs or feet pain, just lift and stretch them up, while resting on high footed support and relieving the extra weight from the legs.

Get a Massage


Take support from family members or spouse and have a soft massage of the aching joints. This will relax the over worked nerves and relieves one from discomforting joint pain that at times, make it difficult to sleep at night. Massaging even improves the circulation and promotes effective blood supply to each region and joint, promoting its better functioning.

Perform Moderate Exercising

Though, it is usually recommended to avoid exercising when one suffers from joint pain. But, engaging in moderate exercising during pregnancy is a better way of losing the stiffed joints and relieving from joint pain. Exercises need to be pertaining to your pregnancy stage and must be performed after consultation with your gynecologist. Exercising during pregnancy, also aids in bouncing back to normal health much smoothly post delivery, and getting rid of all bodily and joint pains.

performance exercise

Simple stretching, aerobic and strengthening exercises help to prevent occurrence of joint pain at hips, lower back and ankles by preventing the wear and tear of the weight bearing joints. Moreover, they help in keeping a check over injuries caused due to over usage.