Luscious Panang Curry Recipe

Panang Curry Recipe

Panang Curry Recipe Panang curry also called penang curry is one of the preferred Thai curries. This is a dry curry, which is fried in coconut milk and is usually prepared with beef.  However, you may use chicken or beef or pork, depending on your preference.

The thick and creamy nature of this curry helped to gain popularity even in western countries. The appended is the recipe of panang curry, which is sufficient for two to three people.

Preparation time – fifteen minutes
Cooking time – forty minutes
Total time – fifty five minutes

Ingredients for Panang Curry Recipe

Soaked and seeded dried red chili peppers – five
Sliced Galangal root – one teaspoon
Thinly sliced fresh yellow part of lemon grass – one teaspoon
Coriander – one teaspoon
Sliced Cilantro stem or root – one teaspoon
Pressed garlic clove – one
Sliced shallots – five
Peanuts- quarter cup (optional)
Sliced rind of kaffir lime – twelve leaves
Shrimp paste – one tablespoon (optional)
Sea salt – one teaspoon
Pepper powder – two teaspoons

Ingredients For Panang Curry

Beef or chicken or pork – two pounds (vegetarians can use extra firm tofu sautéed canola oil or olive oil)
Rice – two cups
Coconut milk – two cans
Panang curry paste – one and a half tablespoons
Brown sugar – three tablespoons
Fish sauce – two tablespoons
Green peas – half cup
Kaffir lime leaves – four to six
Sweet basil leaves – for garnishing

Preparation For Panang Curry Recipe

For preparing panang curry paste, toast peanuts, cilantro and cumin seeds in a pan until it develop a fragrance and then grind it and set aside. Grind the soaked chilies and salt until it forms a uniform smooth paste. Now, add lemon grass and grind, followed by galangal and coriander and grind again.

Thereafter, add the peanuts- cilantro mixture, shrimp paste and shallots and blend them well in a blender or food processor. The panang curry paste is now ready to use.

Boil two cups of rice with four cups of water for five minutes at high temperature and for fifteen minutes on medium temperature. Alternatively you can also boil the rice on stove for twenty minutes on simmer.

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Keep a pot on the stove and add panang curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce and sugar and boil the contents.  The precipitation of oil at the top after five minutes of cooking is a clear indication of proper cooking.

Panang Curry Recipe

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Then cut the meat into thin slices and add it or shrimp or chicken or pork or tofu to the coconut milk mixture in the pot. Also add kaffir lime leaves and peas to the pot and mix the entire contents well, keep them on simmer for ten more minutes.

Ensure that the meat is properly cooked and if the curry is too thick or concentrated, add either coconut milk or water to make preferred consistency.

Take the cooked rice in a serving bowl and turn it upside down to a serving plate and keep a bowl of panang curry next to rice ball. You may now garnish it with shredded lime leaves or Thai basil leaves or sweet basil leaves and serve.

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