Learning Games For Toddlers

Games For Toddlers

Games For Toddlers It is fun and lovely to watch toddlers respond to gestures and affection. But it becomes difficult and tiring to make them learn something. Of course toddlers do not react the way adults would hence to get along with them one needs to be playful. Now there is no better way to make your toddler learn things other than through games.

Be playful and let them enjoy while they learn. They would not even know that they are eventually getting educated. Such educational programs are used in pre schools and creches all over the world. So you may even bring home some of these techniques to educate your toddler in a fun and lively manner.

Different Learning Games For Toddlers

Toddler Rings

This is a brilliant way of teaching your toddler sizes. They would initially put the rings into the stand in a haphazard manner but after a couple of correct demonstrations from an elder, the toddler will put the rings in the correct manner, going from the largest ring first to the smallest at the last. If the rings are of different colors, then the child will be excited further.

Color Games

Colors are very crucial for toddlers to learn, hence you will notice that at a kid’s toy store all the toys are brightly colored. Kids are attracted to bright and colorful items. Get a box of colored clays that your toddler and play with. Teach him or her the primary colors like red, blue and so on.

Colour Games

Most toddlers initially learn and identify the color red. You may also get a book of colored pages which had different items of a specific color which the toddler can relate to. For instance, a red apple in the book may be related to the apple he or she eats in the morning.

Animal Cartoons and Baby Shows

These days’ toy shops keep DVD’s and CD’s of cartoons that a toddler can watch. Even on television there are channels especially dedicated to babies and toddlers which the child would have fun watching. They show very interactive and highly educational programs. For example, the show ‘Teletubbies’ is an all time favorite of every child. Starting from animals to body parts, everything is taught to the toddler in a manner which the toddler will easily grasp and remember.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

This is one of the finest learning techniques which all parents adopt. Giving a jigsaw puzzle to toddlers make their brains sharp and working fast. These jigsaw puzzles range from easy to difficult. Give your toddler a puzzle fit for their age and demonstrate the working just so that they do not start chewing on them. Once they know how it is done they can work it out themselves.

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Building Blocks

Building blocks give your child a creative insight and they may even surprise you by building something you never showed them. This game inspires the creative side of them and they learn it pretty quick as the colorful blocks attract them additionally.

Piano and Xylophone

Piano and Xylophone

Musical instruments help brush your child’s responsive behavior. Let them play a piano and dance to it. They take a little time to catch the rhythm and keep time with the tune but they learn it soon enough. Playing musical instruments are fun and playful for them and they pick them up sooner than you think.