Learn How To Make The Vegetable Tofu Nimono Perfectly

A Vegetable Tofu Nimono is essentially a Japanese dish made by simmering vegetables of choice and tofu in a broth called Shiru that primarily contains sake (a Japanese alcoholic beverage), soy sauce, and sugar.  The base ingredients are simmered in the stock till they absorb it, to a large extent. A Nimono is the generic term in Japanese for any simmered dish. Apart from sake and soy sauce, you can use Miso (Japanese rice and soybean seasoning), mirin (Japanese rice wine), salt, vinegar, or other Japanese condiments of choice.

Vegetable Tofu Nimono

The vegetable tofu Nimono makes a perfectly filling food for vegans and vegetarians. This dish can be voted as healthy, as all it involves is boiling and simmering the ingredients. That makes it a quick-to-prepare dish too! Though this dish is ideally made with Japanese vegetables, you could follow the guidance of your taste apparatus to use local and seasonal vegetables, of your choice, in the dish.

How To Make Vegetable Tofu Nimono

Preparation Time- 30 mins.
Cooking Time-30 mins.


100 gms. Renkon (lotus roots)
200 gms. Satoimo potatoes
30 gms. kombu kelp
100 gms.  konnyaku
75 gms. Gobo
100 gms. boiled bamboo shoot
100 gms. Carrots
50 gms Snap Peas
4 Shiitake Mushrooms( dried)
100 gms. Deep fried tofu (astuage)
1 and 1/2 cups Dashi stock
2 tbsp. each of the taste-maker ingredients (Sugar, sake, soy sauce, hon-mirin)


1. Wash and dry the vegetables.  Peel and cut them into bite-sized pieces. 2. Take the vegetables in a heavy-bottomed vessel that is large enough to hold enough stock to cover the vegetables sufficiently.  Put the vegetables in the vessel along with the stock and bring to a boil for a brief period of time.

Wash the vegetables

2. After boiling for a brief period of time, lower the heat of cooking so that the water comes down to a simmering temperature. Let the vegetables cook in the simmering water for 10-15 minutes till all the vegetables are cooked completely.

vegetables cook

3. The flavoring ingredients can be added at this stage and the entire contents of the vessel cooked for another 5-7 minutes. Deep fry the tofu in hot oil till crispy. This is called Astuage in Japanese. Garnish the vegetable soup with Astuage to obtain the final dish, Vegetable Tofu Nimono.



The above recipe serves 3-5 persons.  It can be enjoyed as a side dish for dinner, which comprises of soup, rice and a couple of other dishes. This mildly flavored dish can be enjoyed with gyoza( Chinese dumplings) and daikon salad.

The Vegetable Tofu Nimono can also be served by attractively arranging the simmered vegetables and tofu on a tray and pouring the sauce over it. The dish is served hot immediately after preparation, but it can also be served cold.

The Vegetable Tofu Nimono, which is rich in dietary fiber (owing to vegetables) and protein-rich (tofu), is a treat for the vegan, vegetarian and dairy-intolerant persons.


A Nimono basically refers to a Japanese dish of simmered edibles., which may be vegetables, meat, seafood or other suitable edibles. Hence, the Vegetable Tofu Nimono can be tried with other vegetables of your choice.