Layered Braid For Long Hair

Summer is the season of beautiful look as you can try new braids for your long hair as to keep your hair open is quite difficult due to continuous sweating. This braid is appropriate because it holds your hair properly moreover it creates a stylish look that goes well with all types of casual clothes. Although, it looks complicated but it is very easy to make once you start braiding. The only skill you need to have for this braid is to hold your braid from backside if you are creating this style on your own. Besides that, you should have idea of making fish tail braid. This braid is similar to mermaid braid but the upper twisting part makes it so unusual as well as romantic for casual parties. To enhance the present look you can add some hair extension in the middle part so your fishtail braid will be more visible in between two braids. These three braids have been merged with the help of bobby pins but to look at front side it shows that they all are together. Before inserting bobby pins under the braid, it would be better if you do hair spray on pins firstly, this will allow to hold your braid tightly.