Language Development Activities For Preschoolers

Preschooler language developement activities

Preschooler language developement activities Language development and speaking happen at different ages for children. While some pick up these skills very quickly, some others take time to acclimatize well with speaking skills.

However, it is important to engage in distinct language development activities for preschoolers for this is the time when their mind and cognitive capacities begin to develop rapidly. As parents or older siblings, you can put the preschooler through different games and activities that will help to stimulate their language development.

Coming up with creative ways is one of the best techniques that can be employed since children love variety.

Tips To Teach Language To Preschoolers


Questions evoke answers and the art of questioning determines the number of words needed to address it. With preschoolers, make sure you ask open ended questions that give them the opportunity to talk. Close ended questions or those that require a mono-syllable answer restrict his or her speaking ability. Indulge in this exercise consistently and do not lose hope in the initial stages. Children often begin with broken words before forming a sentence out of them. In such cases, you should become a model and rephrase your child’s words to form a sentence.

Visual Stories

Stories are a popular and favorite way for your child to begin expressing what he or she thinks. Combined with visual aids, your child stays glued relatively for more time than he or she otherwise does. Show them flash cards or images that they can relate to and evoke their answers to form a coherent story. You can also read out stories to them but do so frequently to help them understand the concept of sentence formation.

Show And Tell

Language Developement Of Preschoolers

Ask your child to pick up his or her favorite object. This could be a toy or a book or a fruit or anything safe that they can hold up. Allow them to describe the object and your child’s perception of its uses. These could also be fictitious since the objective of the task is to evoke response that is understandable.

Sing And Dance

Kids love to dance. Most of them jump to tunes. Play a lot of songs and repeat those that your child loves to listen. The higher the number of words he or she gets to listen, the larger will be their capacity to learn. Moreover, they tend to offer a patient ear to people or things they love.


Books open a plethora of learning opportunities for kids and adults of any age group. Kids especially are instantly attracted to books with large pictures. Pick and choose books that have potential for learning. They should help your kids guess names of objects with ease.

Language Development Activities For Preschoolers

Experiment with varied language development activities for your preschooler and there may be ones that work extremely well with your little ones. Do not expect a miracle to happen overnight since language and speech development is a gradual process. But your child will enjoy these activities and tasks undoubtedly. Allow them to be involved in every routine task and you will be amazed with their learning and reproducing abilities.