5 Interesting Edgy Haircuts For Girls

Edgy Haircuts For Girls

Doing something edgy and unique is important these days in order to stand out of the crowd and create a new identity for yourself. These are extremely being preferred by the youth these days and by the women with strong personality, who are confident and out there in order to look amazing to take on the world.

These days you do see edgy funky hairstyles doing rounds as everyone wants to try out something new and out of the box. Therefore, there are many new haircuts which can be tried by the people according to what they like and they can be carried out on hair of any lengths. Some of the most popular edgy haircuts doing rounds this season are discussed in the following for your reference.

Best Edgy Haircuts This Season

Edgy Short Spiky Mohawk

Short Spiky Mohawk Haircuts For Girls

This is one the coolest and trendiest hairstyles this season, where you can see Miley Cyrus adorning it with a lot of confidence and jest. But in this kind of a hairstyle it is essential that it suits your face shape as it tends to focus and bring out the features of your face, where otherwise it will look out of place. They generally look good on the oval shaped faces with a sharp jawline.

An Edgy Side Fringe With Streak

Side Fringe With Streak Haircuts For Girls

People who have seen Rihanna’s edgy hairstyle would have definitely gone for it. This one has a side long fringe, which nearly covers one of your eyes, but again that is what edgy is about, along with which you streak that fringe with a contrasting color which you have never imagined. You can also, play with this look, by getting a fringe of different style or going for streaks on other parts of the hair. Try it out, it might just be the look you were waiting for.

Going Completely Hairless

Completely Hairless Haircuts For Girls

Yes, this is another trend which definitely has been catching up as well, this is as edgy as it gets. You might have seen some of the celebs shave off their entire hair (or keeping it extremely small) to remain edgy with their hairstyles.

But again, only if you are very sure and do not mind going for this look, which will last a while and think suits your facial features, only then go for it.

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Short Hair On The Top And Long At The Back

Short Hair On The Top Haircuts For Girls

Keeping the crown of your head small and leaving the back of your hair long is another extremely crazy edgy hairstyle which you might want to look into. It does definitely give you a cool funky look. Along with this you can try to give it some color, such as blue if you want to go completely over the top. Again, be sure you actually want to go for it.

Going For The Right Cut

Right Edgy Haircuts For Girls

Edgy cuts as we very well know might not go very well with all kinds of outfits or occasions. Therefore when going for one depending on your personality, you might want to consult a stylist to take you further, as you would not want to take a chance it the hairstyles.