Interactive Games For Preschool Kids

Interactive Games For Preschool Kids

Interactive Games For Preschool Kids Interactive games are nothing but getting the solutions visually, easily and quickly by playing practically. Kids fun find no bounds when they are made as owners for interactive games. As preschools provide nice decent learning atmosphere to kids, they can enhance their skills by means of interactive games. Interactive games can be a mathematical, scientific, alphabetic game. Let us see some preschool interactive games.

Mathematical Interactive Games

Counting Numbers Forward and Backward

Increases mathematical knowledge and essential improves their intelligence. Memorizing habit also increased. For kids of age group above 4 would love to pick up multiplication faster.

12 Months

Months in a year can be injected in young kids by means of just saying all the months of the year and complete a year. This is perfectly suited during kid’s birthday and when it is played during those times, it is 100% guarantee that kids will never forget the months of a year.


This is similar to 12 months game but the only difference here is for each day, a kid has to mimic the importance of the day and the activities that need to be performed during that day.

different preschool interactive games

Leadership quality automatically emerged from the kid as daily each and every kid should be made to explain the weekdays game and especially give the detailed actions that need to be carried out during the particular weekday i.e. on wednesday, kids need to get checked for their finger nails and cleanliness etc.,

Pattern Match

This is a fun provoking interactive game as kids are shown with two pictures by having many similarities but having 7 to 8 differences and asking to find out the difference among the pictures. This game makes the kid to identify the similarities by comparing the pictures and finding out the difference among them.

Scientific Interactive Game

Animal Quiz

Young kids have various imaginations about the animal kingdom. Practically showing them the different animals via pictures or making them to visit zoo and then by conducting animal quiz will help them to remember the animal kingdom entirely till their lifetime. Acting with different sounds can make the game more interactive.

Wild Animals

Categorization of animal kingdom can be understood by visually showing the roaring effects of wild animals and create an awareness in kids that wild animals are dangerous and only in zoo they can be seen apart from dense forests.

preschool interactive games

They need to get explained about the food habits that wild animals follows and even biological cycle understanding also well understood even in young kids by wild animals game.

Human Body

Parts of body can be played interactively by touch and play. During this game, each kid understood about each and every important part of the body and their functioning. Moreover they will understand how a disabled children will find difficult by loosing eyesight etc., In the game, they should be taught to know about the helping mechanism as well.

Language Games

Alphabet Matching

Matching games are the best interactive game in any field. Recognition of letters will be easily done just by playing this game.

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They can be taught with capital letter and small letter alphabets as well and in this game it can be played as case sensitive and case insensitive ways. Injection of alphabets are easier and improved by means of alphabet train express as well.

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Learn to Write Alphabets

Writing skills are seeded in preschools itself. In order to survive in this world, English is the mandatory language and writing is much required to communicate one another. As a playful method, cursive writing practice, writing alphabets in 4 lines need to get introduced to the kid. Once they start writing, their joys know no bounds.

Color by Letter

Listening and recognizing qualities can be increased by playing this game. Initially kids can play alphabet matching and then go for color by letter game. If they are played in this sequence, it is no doubt that all kids will learn alphabets quite easily.

Color Vowels

Once kids are taught with alphabetical game, teaching of vowels should be there by means of coloring the vowels, rhyming the aeiou songs, picking out the vowels in a word etc.,

What Letter Missing

interactive games for preschool

This is the best vocabulary improvement game as kids are asked to find out the missing letter of the word. Upon mastering alphabets, any kid can easily do this game.


Preschool interactive games not only lies in subjects but also they can be played like a puzzle and fun. For puzzle kind, fun maze, connect pipes, tic tac toe etc are the enjoyable ones. For fun category, kids can play jumping monkey, sweep the pumpkin etc., When they are provided with fun games along with subject oriented interactive games, preschools become the fantastic world for all kids.