Instructions To Build A Pergola

constructing pergola

constructing pergola Renting out spaces for parties is quite expensive but if you have a pergola, it is an ideal place to host parties or any other special functions. In addition to this pergola also improve the landscape of the garden, it provide support for climbing the plants, improve the aesthetic value of the house by creating a good focal point and it can even be used to enhance the privacy of the home.

Step by Step Instructions to Build Pergola

Site Identification

The first step is to identify an ideal location to construct pergola and the location can be a part of the deck or patio or can even be a place attached to the house. Inspect the garden and find a spot that provides the most panoramic view of the area but that won’t spoil the entire look of the house or the garden. Once the site is decided, check the rules and regulations of your area with the local authorities for the construction of pergola and the specifications about the materials to be used for building pergola.

Types of Pergola

There are different types of pergolas; the designs for all types of pergolas are available in the market or on internet. Even design software is available which can provide a unique design for you. After deciding the design, get it approved from the local authority and also check the specifications for inserting the posts for pergola. Thereafter clear the area and mark the area with chalk as per the design.

There are pergola kits of different types such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl etc. available in the market which provides all the materials required for building the pergola. While deciding on the material, consider the weight the pergola will have to bear including the weight of plants that are planned to grow over the pergola and also the snowfall and rainfall in the area

For a long lasting pergola people usually uses wood and there are different types of woods such as pine, cedar, redwood, sweet chestnut, oak etc. Among the different types of wood oak wood is the best and the costliest wood. Whatever be the wood, it should be pressure treated otherwise it may get spoiled easily under the outdoor atmosphere.

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Pergola Accessories

Also choose the best quality accessories for fixing the wood such as galvanized and double hot dipped fasteners, ceramic coated screws, thorough bolts and nails. Else these accessories may corrode and fall off easily resulting in an unstable pergola.

How to Build a Pergola

Dig holes of about one foot depth in the marked areas to insert post and level the base of the holes with small stones. Thereafter make a concrete foundation by pouring cement mixed with water over the stones and then insert a galvanized steel anchor post right in to the center of the hole before the cements gets dried. Then insert the stick-in the post to the anchor post and secure it with appropriate bolts. Concrete requires about 3 days for setting.

Match the wooden boards with measurements of the ceiling of the pergola, mark and cut them at appropriate lengths. First make the ceiling’s frame work and then measure and cut the rafters. Thereafter align the frame and rafters and secure them in position with three inch screws and clamps.

After properly securing the pergola, paint it with a mixture of paint and water repellent preservative. Ensure that all the new ends of the woods are properly painted to enhance the lifespan of the pergola.

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