Indian Style Interior Decorating Ideas

Indian interiors are marked by warm and vibrant colours and a variety of textures, crafts and motifs. The country is diverse in its culture and has survived conquests by Islamic, British and Portuguese conquerors. Indian Style Interior Decorating Ideas So Indians have assimilated various artistic nuances of these civilisations, giving way to an eclectic decor style. Decorating homes with items and ideas borrowed from the colourful arts, crafts and rituals of the country is an inherent part of the Indian interiors.


Colour is the key aspect in Indian decor style—be it textiles, prints, furnishing, embroideries, furniture or buildings. For several hundred years, Indians used natural colours made from items like flowers, spices and barks of trees etc. Red, orange, blue, mustard yellow, ochre,  — all earthy colours are very prominent in Indian homes. One can introduce these colours through table covers, curtains, sofa covers, throws, bed linens as well as vases, lamps, wall hangings etc. Colour


Indian block prints are popular all over the globe. Choose prints in vibrant or muted colours from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh or Kerala. Tie and dye is another popular style of textile design that is seen in many houses. And then there are woven designs on bedcovers and furnishing that will definitely raise the bar of your interior and create a luxurious and bold ambience. India is also rich in its embroidery heritage and each region boasts of a different style. Birds, animals, flowers, trees or geometric forms come alive at multi-colour needle-points and adorn cushions, wall hangings, throws, table covers etc. Match embroidered or printed furnishing pieces with plain ones to add an aesthetic touch to your space. popular style of textile design


Traditional Indian furniture is low and intricately carved. Again, carvings of each region are different. Flower, leaf, fish and bird motifs are lent from everyday lives to add grandeur to the pieces. Lacquer-work on furniture is also popular in certain areas. If you want lighter and versatile pieces, go for cane and bamboo furniture as they would be ideal for both outdoor and indoors. bamboo furniture


Terracotta items have been part of Indian culture for centuries and they are now part of the interior decor in a big way. Various types of figurines—in both traditional and modern styles—are seen in the drawing room, foyer or in the gardens. Different furniture like stools and side tables are also made of  terracotta. Glass-topped centre tables often have designer bases made of earth. Then there are terracotta vases, lamps and other table-top items that adorn Indian homes everywhere. Terracotta


India is steeped in spiritualism. And this is evident even in Indian interior decoration. Statues of Gods and Goddesses, moulded in brass and bronze add a touch of glitz and Hindu accents to any room. It could be a Nataraj, a dancing Shiva, a meditating Buddha, a Ganesha, a Laxmi. Other items like candle-holders, diyas, lamp bases and vases are also available in brass for your room. Gradually Copper items are also getting popular in the drawing room. So Indian decor is an amalgamation of colour, form and traditions. Designs and forms are borrowed from nature and given a shape by combining craft techniques and Indian ethos. The five elements of air, water, earth and space, that are the inherent tenets of Indian Vastu Shastra, akin to Feng Shui, are taken into consideration while designing any space. Metals