Important Tips For Having Safe Sex To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy And STDs

Sex is a lot of fun and enjoyment for both males and females; however it is imperative that a certain amount of maturity and responsibility be ensured towards having safe sex. This becomes more important when people are casually involved with each other, because in casual relationships that are not exclusive, more than often it is possible that both the partners have more sexual partners outside the two of them.

Important Tips For Having Safe Sex To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy And STDs

Different people perceive sex differently, and if you are with a person who feels very cautious about taking preventative measures during sex then it is time you be practical and responsible because fun and pleasure is not above diseases and pregnancy.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through sex, and a lot of these can be very pain and life long for people. An ailment such as genital herpes is a condition that flares occasionally but when it does, a lot of pain and discomfort can be caused as well. Unfortunately there is no permanent cure to the disease. In addition to that pregnancy is also one of the biggest issues of unsafe sex.

A lot of kids experiment sexually with different sexual partners initially during their teenage years. Unfortunately, this is also the time when they choose to avoid important facts of safe sex, and a lot of girls end up pregnant. In a lot of countries getting pregnant may not be frowned upon as much as getting an abortion, as such it should be your responsibility to have safe sex to avoid both.

Are You Ready to Have Sex?

This is perhaps the most important question because in high school peer pressure, importance, and the over exaggeration given to sex can often cause people to get involved in the process without being mentally and physically ready. This is the one question you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself. Being ready to have sex is the key to having safe sex. Of course even if you have had sex with someone before and are familiar with the process, you should still understand that every time is a new time, as such you need to be ready every time as well. If you aren’t ready, you might make mistakes that you will surely regret.

Are You Ready to Have Sex

Are You Well Informed About Sex?

Skipping the sex education class to actually go have sex is not the wisest idea of all. While sex may seem simple, there is a lot consideration, and caution that needs to be measured. It can be as simple as correctly wearing a condom. If it is not worn correctly then it can easily rip or come off or maybe even both. Worse yet is if it comes off inside the girl’s vagina and you are not at all aware of it and you end up ejaculating directly in her, all unprotected.

Not only is getting pregnant at stake big time here, but so is getting infected with various types of sexually transmitted diseases. Even with a partner you have been with for a long time, caution should always be taken because often women are carriers of diseases of which they do not display any symptoms or signs.

Are You Well Informed About Sex

Using Contraceptives – The Different Types

Most people do not know that there are female condoms as well. This goes back to being well informed about sex. Female condoms are placed in the woman’s vagina and can allow the man to not wear one and ejaculate in the female condom. This way the suffocation that many men feel wearing a condom will dissipate.

There are male condoms that are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and even tastes these days, for oral sexual pleasures. There are various types of pills that range from the morning pill to the birth control pill to the abortion pill. All have different ways of working yet the same goal, to avoid pregnancy. These are the most common types of contraceptives used today and you are at liberty to wisely use any of these, although the morning pill should be very rarely used.

Using Contraceptives – The Different Types

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Avoid Casual Sex

While it may be a very interesting idea to go around sleeping with girls or guys, it can be very harmful your health, mentally as well as physically. Firstly, casual sex is meaningless sex and has no emotions attached; as such the intensity is never there. Secondly, casual sex usually happens in the form of a “one night stand” and the partners involved are never interested in knowing each other’s sexual histories. As such the chance or STDs is extremely high, because in the heat of the moment, using contraceptives, more than often, skip a person’s mind and logical thinking.  Causal sex is acceptable when you are mature and responsible enough to handle it safely.

Avoid Casual Sex

Being Safe During Sex

This is also an option that couples can because the chance of pregnancy is almost completely eliminated here. This involves the male ejaculating outside the female’s vagina during climax. It is true that even condoms are not 100% effective; however if you are wearing one and you climax outside the woman then it is very safe for both the people.

However if you are having unprotected sex and at any time you feel you have ejaculated, immediately pull out, tell your partner, and put on a condom. Being outside you can even take off the condom and if your female partner is comfortable enough you can ejaculate on her. As for the females, letting your man know how much you love having his juices all over you can be very romantic and a turn-on in the heat of the moment.

Being Safe During Sex


It is your choice to choose your sexual partners and there is nobody who can force you against your will. As such you need to be mature enough to understand that it is much safer to experience and have sex with someone you can trust, have been involved with for a while and are sure that he or she if faithful to you emotionally as well as physically. In such a case even the risks of unprotected sex are far less than that during casual sex.