Important Checklist For Babysitter

Important Babysitter Checklist

Important Babysitter Checklist Even an experienced sitter will have to undergo some pitfalls while he/she looks after your baby. Most baby sitters need explicit and strict instructions when it comes to caring for the newborn baby.

This is true because parenting styles are different and what works for one mother does not work for another. So it is better that you familiarize your baby sitter with all the dos and don’ts of baby care. Here is a checklist to help you and the baby sitter.

Babysitter Checklist

Calming the Baby

Instruct the sitter on how to calm the baby when he/she cries. Is it through a lullaby or some rocking? Does the baby quieten after being picked up? Make sure your sitter knows this.


Let the sitter know which are the baby’s favourite toys and play things so that necessary entertainment can be provided to your baby in your absence.

Sleeping Habits

Ensure that your sitter makes the baby sleep up on his/her back without any pillows or duvets.

Burping the Baby

Teach your sitter how to burp the baby after every meal. Teach him/her the various techniques of burping the baby. Emphasize on the importance of burping the baby.

Cleaning the Baby

Show the sitter where the diapers are located, how to dispose them and tips on how to change the baby. Give the sitter access to wet wipes, adequate diapers and nappy rash cream.

cleaning the baby


Show the sitter where the baby’s clothes are kept and how to clothe the baby. Tell him/her the kinds of clothes your baby normally wears. Let him/her know where the stock of bibs, napkins and mittens are kept.

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Eating and Drinking

Show the sitter on how to prepare the bottle for the baby. Educate him/her on what the baby cannot eat. No medicine should be given to the baby without your explicit instructions.

The House Set Up

The sitter should know where the burglar alarms are located and the set up of your kitchen for his/her access to food.

Baby Habits

Let the sitter know about baby habits that are unusual like spitting up, colic and sleeping only with the light on.

Safety Aspects

Show the sitter where the candles and torch is located in case of a power failure. She should have a ready access to the safety and first aid kit in case of emergencies. Tell the sitter the do’s and don’ts of having visitors in the house in your absence.

Important Things

Leave all important phone numbers with the sitter. For example your number, the doctor’s number, plumber or electrician if needed etc. Cab fare should be reimbursed to the sitter. Directions from your house to the hospital should be given.

If the sitter is trained in first aid, take a consent form from her that authorizes her to provide safety and first aid care in case of an emergency. Keep a tab on the sitter at all times by calling in every two to three hours. Make sure that the sitter calls you every 2-3 hours while you are away.