Importance And Skills Of Responsible Parenting

Responsible Parenting

Responsible Parenting Parenting is a process of taking care of the social, economic and physical development of the child from birth to his middle age. In other words, it is referred to as a process of bringing up a child. Here, we would discuss about responsible parenting, its pros and cons, skills and the effects of it on the child.

Responsible parenting includes both father and the mother. When any question is raised on the child, it is the responsibility of both the parents to answer it.  Previously, only mother was involved in all the activities of the child, whereas father was busy in earning money and satisfying the monetary needs of the child.

There was no time for him to spend with his child. The days are changing; now-a-days both the parents are taking equal responsibilities of bringing up their child. Father is also equally involved in fulfilling the non monetary needs of his child.

Importance of Responsible parenting

Responsible parents are those who together provide correct guidance to their child. They have to set as an example to their child. Responsible parenting helps develop discipline, self confidence among them. It is important for child’s physical, social and economic development.

It also has positive effect on the health and safety of the children. Children learn good morals, will have good living and education through responsible parenting. Children brought up responsibly experience success in rest of their life.

How To Be Responsible Parents

Responsible parenting doesn’t mean that parents have to be strict. They should not teach children by beating and shouting. Being authoritarian does not make children as well as parents responsible. It brings distance in their relationship. There are certain skills that make parents more responsible.

Relating Children In Activities

Parents have to start involving their children in some activities and decisions taken at home. It develops their self confidence and sense of responsibility in them.


Acknowledgement encourages child to do things better. It is always essential for parents to acknowledge their children for all the small things they do.


From being consistent, it is also necessary for parents to teach their child discipline. Discipline has many meanings. Teaching discipline to children is also not an easy task. Parents who don’t teach discipline are creating sense of disruption and rudeness in them.

Skills of Responsible Parenting

They have to make their children understand their limits. Parents have to teach their children how to ask for what they want. The children have to also know whether what they are asking is really useful for them and is affordable. Children should also need to know what they have to do and how they have to behave.

Self Discipline

Parents should also develop self discipline among the children. They have to make sure that their child completes his or her routine activities in a particular time. For example, doing homework, having snacks, drinking milk, taking bath, having their dinner and going to sleep. They have to set time for each activity and have to be followed every day.

Sense of Forgiveness

Parents should also ask for forgiveness if we make any mistakes. This makes the children to do the same when they do mistakes without any feeling of guilty. It is also important to avoid criticizing, screaming and getting irritating or distressed to children especially while teaching them.

Being Together

Last but not the least; parents should not contradict each other especially in front of the children. This gives them a wrong message. Both the parents should have same ideas and thoughts when being together with children. We have to work with them together and make them understand the importance of family and togetherness.


It is also essential for parents to teach their children, significance of caring. Children are always selfish. It is the responsibility of the parents to make their child understand how important it is to care for each other without being selfish.

Being Safe

Apart from teaching them discipline, limits, behavior, it is also essential for parents to teach their children to be safe in all aspects such as while playing, driving, swimming, crossing the road. Children learn lot of things in school, but it is also the responsibility of the parents to make them teach at home safety rules.

Benefits of responsible parenting

Responsible parenting enables their children to be responsible and independent. It helps in growing your child’s self confidence. Being responsible parents makes your child and you have a smooth and happy relationship.

Bottom line

Thus, being a responsible parent is a very difficult task. But it is very essential for all the parents to be equally responsible in bringing up their child. Parents who develop sense of discipline, self confidence, care, togetherness and forgiveness are always responsible parents.