Ideas For Nature Inspired Home Decor

Nature is rich in colour, shape, texture and smell. If you look around yourself carefully, you will see earthy colours like browns , greens, golds and rusts as well as bold and juicy colours from red to orange, plum to lavender, turquoise to sage and different elements from your garden to the beach. So borrow elements and colours generously from nature to give a fresh look to your home.

Useful Ideas For Nature Inspired Home Decor

Your Garden

Plant life can instantly bring in nature into our living rooms. Flowers are a very popular decorating element. They are easy to find at most places and are available in a variety of colour, shapes and sizes. Many flowers also have a sweet fragrance and lift the mood when placed in a vase or bowl. A potted blooming plant in a basket will cheer up everyone and make the atmosphere serene and peaceful. A few orchids will even brighten up your simple vase bought at a discount store.

Create a statement wall with framed botanical prints hung together from floor to ceiling. Floral prints are another very simple way to create an indoor garden. Curtains, cushions, throws, bed covers, duvets, rugs, wallpapers —all are available in floral prints and can be mixed and matched for a beautiful effect. You can even get some wrapping paper in floral print and in bold colours like plum, purple, orange, yellow etc. and put it on the wall next to your study table or dinning space.

But fruits can also be used innovatively to create a point of interest. Berries, plums, oranges, lime and many other fruits will inject pops of colour to your space. Just arrange them on a platter or put them in a wide cylindrical vase on the mantel or on your table. Fruits and foliage can also be used as prints on furnishings. A real pine cone or cones hand-sculpted in porcelain and placed in a bowl or on its own on a shelf will also bind the theme and take it together.

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Branches offer interesting natural shapes. A few branches can be decorated in a tall glass vase or a wooden vase. You can even put a few artificial birds on the branches for an added effect. Even the branch motif on the back of a steel chair or as a wall sticker will help bringing nature indoors. An unusual shaped branch, which you picked up from your neighbourhood forest during your walk, can be placed on your table as a conversation piece.


Decorate your room with seashells, starfish, corals etc. You can either place them on the shelf along with some glass jars, books, boxes, wooden platter, jute balls etc to mix elements, or you can place a giant shell on the table or on the mantel and fill it with interesting pebbles. Or a handful of seashells and starfish on a plate filled with sand will also bring back memories of holidays and give a natural touch to your room. Seashells as napkin rings, key chains, picture frames, coasters will all add special touches.

Birds and Butterflies

These are the nature’s two of the most precious elements. Incorporate these in the form of wall prints, wallpaper, cushion covers, napkins, towel patterns, embroideries etc. Even porcelains with these prints or crystals in these shapes will brighten up your space.