Ideas For Home Garden Designs

Whether you have a front yard, backyard or rooftop, whether you stay in a city or a suburb, you can create a beautiful home garden in your space and bring in nature’s bounty into your home with these inspirational ideas.

Mix and Match

Experiment with different colours and shapes in your garden. Varieties of flowers and foliage in different hues and heights would offer a visual treat. Pop of colours would also take the eyes away from any architectural flaw or old worn out container that you may have in your garden.

Also creatively mix containers in different shapes, sizes and materials. Grouping together terracotta, stone and ceramic pots with flowers, succulents and foliage would create an eclectic look. Even old pans, discarded jugs and clean paint jars can be used as containers.

Paint them in bright colours to make them look attractive. A patio will come alive with pots filled with blooming flowers or a variety of leaves in different shapes. Also decorate your garden with a variety of ornaments, different types of bird cages, rocks and baskets.

Even an old wheelbarrow will look attractive when it is used as a flower bed for bright seasonal blooms. Don’t be afraid to mix veggies with flowering plants. They also can prosper side-by-side and look attractive. Or during off-season, the flower beds can give place to the vegetable plants.

Green Lawns

A lawn filled with velvety grass at your feet feels very luxurious. If you have big space, maintain a lawn where your children or pets can play as well as you can entertain occasionally. But if you have a narrow backyard space, go for winding grassy pathway, surrounded by flowering plants on both sides to make the space look attractive.

Single Shade

Even a single colour in the garden can have a striking effect. Line your garden with purple Agapanthus or Snapdragons to create a visual drama. Or red roses in different shades all over your garden will make definitely raise the bar of your green patch besides filling your garden with a heady fragrance.

Architectural Details

An archway, pillar, stone wall etc will add visual delight to your garden. These can be decorated with creepers or climbing plants. Incorporate an interesting design aspect like pebbled or stone pathways.

You can set up an outdoor lounging place here with a table and chairs or some cane loungers. Either for spending some time alone with a book, or entertaining guests, this will surely become popular spot in the garden. Colourful ceramic garden stools will come in handy and look interesting.

Create different levels in the garden with wooden plants, bamboo shelves, stones or just soil and plant different flowers or foliage at each level. This will look appealing and break the monotony. Even stairs can be lined with flowers in pots or on the ground to raise the appeal of the space.

Hydroponic Gardening

If space is limited, turn to Hydroponic method of gardening in which plants are grown without soil but by using mineral nutrient solutions in water or in mediums like perlite, sand, gravel, coconut husk etc.

Rooftop Garden

Use your rooftop creatively by borrowing elements from nature. Plants, creepers, flowers can all be grown here in pots and containers. Alternate big and small plants; create interesting corners with pebbles and shells and also hang creepers and shrubs from the terrace to entertain your guests in style here.

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