Iced Tea And Its Benefits

Iced Tea And Its Benefits

Iced tea is a popular drink especially in hot and humid seasons. Every time you sip the glass of ice tea a huge infusion of powerful compounds enter your body which helps to fight different problems and diseases of your body like dehydration, diarrhea, heart related problem, skin and different types of cancer. But do not drink ready-made iced tea available in the market. Antioxidants do not always present in ready-made iced tea as a ready-made one contains preservative to some extent. This article will give you some information on various benefits of iced tea.

Method To Prepare Iced tea And Its Benefits

Preparation Of Iced Tea at Home

Preparing iced tea is very easy. Boil water in a pot. Add green tea leaves in it. For 5-6 minutes keep the lid on of the pot. Then strain the liquor. Preserve the tea in the refrigerator to make it chill. Add ice or sweetener while serving. Mint and lemon juice also can be added to add not only fragrance but also various beneficial qualities.

Preparation Of Iced Tea at Home
Fights Cancer

Can you believe a cup of iced green tea contains antioxidants which in quantity and quality equal to any fruit or vegetable juices. Regular drinking of iced tea saves you from different types of cancer like breast cancer, cologne cancer, prostate cancer, etc.


Cures Dehydration

In summer, there is a tendency of suffering from dehydration. Due to excessive sweat a great amount of water is removed from our body. Along with water different minerals also removed from our body. The result is dehydration. Mere drinking of plain water is not enough plain water does not contain minerals in a good amount. Drink 2-3 glasses of iced tea daily and keep dehydration at bay in summer.


Cures Diarrhea

Iced tea is a good medicine in diarrhea. While we suffer from diarrhea a great amount of water goes out of our body with loose motion. The result is a deficiency of minerals especially the two vital minerals – sodium and potassium. The patient starts to lose its vitality and mobility and gradually lose his or her memory unless the patient is given potassium and sodium immediately. Iced tea is a good source of these two minerals. The patient may not consume it in a huge amount at one time. Give him or her 3-4 tablespoons of iced tea every half an hour. The patient will regain his or her consciousness soon.


Digests Food, Improves Metabolism And Reduces Weight

Iced tea is an excellent beverage which helps to digest food, Improves metabolic rate and helps to lose weight. After taking meal reject other beverages and take only iced tea. If you want to lose weight it is better to drink unsweetened iced tea. You may add some lemon juice or mint juice in the drink for added benefit.

Leads To Weight Gain

Lowers Blood Sugar Level In Blood

Iced tea does not contain any sugar unless you mix sweetener. It is an excellent drink for a diabetic patient. This drink not only quenches your thirst. It also helps to reduce blood sugar level in the blood.

Reduces High Blood Sugar Level
Good For Skin

Iced tea is excellent for the skin. As it contains a good amount of water, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, it removes free radicals and repairs the damages of the skin. Regular drinking of iced tea helps to prevent wrinkles and improves the health of the skin.


So, drink iced tea daily and stay healthy.