How To Use Diet To Treat Heart Disease

It is very important to include heart healthy food in your diet. Unhealthy fats and oils give rise to lipid abnormalities and raise the level of bad cholesterol in your body. This leads to arterial clogging and heart attacks. It is important to limit the amount of sodium in your diet and substitute refined foods for whole grain foods.

Foods To Avoid Heart Disease

Avoid eating too much of red meat like beef, pork and mutton. This is very high on ‘lard’ which is a very unhealthy form of fat. Reduce the intake of whole milk, curd and cheese which are full of cream and fats.

Also reduce the intake of ghee, butter and sweets like mithais, chocolates, cookies and pastries. These have no nutritive value whatsoever. Make sure you use the correct oil like olive and groundnut oil which are high on polyunsaturated fats which will keep the levels of good cholesterol up.

You can also use canola oil and mustard oil which are good for the heart.Never re-use oil that has already been used once for frying. Discard it. It is not only high on carcinogens but also high on artery clogging fats.

Reduce your salt intake. Decrease the intake of pickles, ketchups and savoury chutneys. Say ‘no’ to sauces, chips and preserved foods. Refined and processed sugar like sucrose, dextrose, fructose and glucose should be avoided. Avoid having malt sugar, honey, molasses, syrups and invert sugar.

Foods To Be Had

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.Have at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables. Include a lot of whole grains in your diet like bajra, jowar, ragi and multi grain atta. Barley, buckwheat, millet and sorghum are some other options. Have brown rice instead of white rice.

Have fat free and low fat versions of dairy like skimmed milk, skimmed yoghurt and low fat cheese. Have limited amounts of ghee in the diet, include nuts like apricots, almonds and walnuts which are all good for the heart and help to increase the HDL or good cholesterol in the body.

Have skinless poultry and white, lean meats like fish. Fish like mackerel are particularly good for the heart. Have a lot of egg whites.Flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and are particularly good for the body and the heart. So have a teaspoon of crushed and roasted flaxseeds. This will not only raise the good cholesterol in the body but also bring shine and lustre to the hair.

You can have sugar laden foods in very miniscule and moderate amounts as an occasional treat.Never deprive yourself but at the same time include all the above foods in your day to day menu in order to be free from cardio-vascular diseases.

This will enhance your longevity, keep you and your family healthy and prevent the incidence if innumerable lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Your food choices will ultimately pave the way for a healthier lifestyle and a healthier way of life.