How To Use Blush On The Face

Tips To Use Blush

Many women shudder at the thought of applying or using blush. The blush is one of the most easily available make up tool, yet it is heavily understated and underrated.

Most women refrain from wearing blush, thinking it is too over the top. However, if you use it correctly, it can be your secret make up weapon. Not only will it give your face a fresh and rosy glow but the finer nuances of applying it will also make your face look naturally beautiful. We shall now explore the basic tips and tricks to use and apply blush correctly.

Tips To Use Blush

The Colour

The Right Colour Of Blush

Choosing the right colour of blush for your skin tone is not every one’s cup of tea and most people get it horribly wrong. Scores of women can be seen picking up blush palettes off the counter without testing it on their skin. This can give you disastrous results. The thumb rule for choosing the right colour is to go in for a shade that is closest to your cheek tone after an intense work out. The flush you get on your cheeks is the shade you should be ideally using. A shade lighter or darker too works well. As a general guideline, warm peaches go very well on both dark and fair skin tones whereas pink tinted blushes suit all fair skins.

Brands and Blush Tools

Brands And Blush Tools

Before you learn how to use blush, it is also very important to pick a brand from a reputed store. Go in for one of the international brands that are expensive but will give you value for money. Along with that, pick up the correct blushing tools. This includes a brush, which is specifically meant for applying blush. These brushes help to contour the cheeks and give them colour.

Applying The Blush

Cream Blushes For Dry Skin

Choose cream blushes for dry skin and powder blushes for oily and combination skin. Combine the two for long lasting results. Start by cleansing your face by using a good cleanser. Pat the skin dry. Now apply hydrating moisturizer to help absorb the blush better. If your skin in clear, you can skip the foundation. Mildly blemished skin can use a tinted moisturiser that helps to conceal small spots. Once you have sealed in the foundation, apply compact to even out the skin tone. Dip the blush brush in the blush palette and apply the brush in upward, sweeping strokes to the apples of your cheeks. In order to find the apples of your cheeks, smile. The plump parts of your cheeks that rise up are called the apples and blush should always be used in this area. If you are using two colours, make sure the colours are well blended otherwise your complexion will look patchy.

Some Tips

Eye Makeup

Use your fingers to gently dab and even out the excess blush. Fingers work better than brush in some instances. If you are using a sharper shade of blush, keep the rest of your make up like eye makeup and lipstick simple. Make up should always look natural. If you have applied blush too heavily, neutralize it with compact to get off the excess.