How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris Naturally

Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris If you are suffering from keratosis pilaris then you may notice acne like bumps on your arms, legs or buttocks. You can also get keratosis pilaris on your face and you may confuse it with acne. Your symptoms may get worse during winter season.

These acne like bumps are not harmful but these can affect your lifestyle. This condition results when your skin is not able to remove dead skin cells. You are more prone to this condition if you are overweight or suffering from ichthyosis. If you are worried about your condition and looking for ways to treat keratosis pilaris then this article is meant for you. Given below are some natural remedies which you can try at home to treat your condition.

Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

What You can do to Treat your Condition Effectively?

The most important thing you should remember while treating keratosis pilaris is that you need to give special attention to your diet and skin care. These two things will surely contribute in improving your condition. You should clean your skin daily. You may also need exfoliating cleansers to clean your skin and remove dead skin cells.

You need to make certain changes in your diet. You should include foods rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids in your diet. Vitamin E and fatty acids supplements are essential for you since these supplements are very effective in controlling the abnormal proliferation of your outer skin layers. The main function of these two supplements is to get rid of toxins and help in the process of normal exfoliation.

Since you are suffering from keratosis pilaris, it shows that your skin lacks moisture and your immune system is weak. Therefore, you need to do certain things to keep your skin moisturized and to strengthen, balance and boost your immune system. First, you should drink plenty of water as it will significantly improve your condition and will bring moisture back to your skin.

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Simultaneously, you should moisturize your skin daily with a good moisturizing cream. You also need to increase the consumption of nutritious foods as these foods will help in making your immune system stronger. These foods will also help in detoxifying your body.

Visit Your Health Care Provider to Know About the Best Option

If you want, you may also visit your health care provider to know about the best option available to you. He or she may recommend you to use urea cream as it is very effective in treating keratosis pilaris. However, there are also other alternatives available which you can try to moisturize your skin like Vitamin E oil, borage oil, Rose Hip oil and Elicina cream.

Few Things You should Take Note of

You should avoid those foods that can cause allergies. You should also avoid other allergens like dust mites, amalgam fillings in teeth, harsh detergents etc. You can also apply vaseline or olive oil on your skin as this will help in healing and rejuvenating your skin. You can also join a skin care program as many people are benefited from this program. You should prevent your skin from drying as it can worsen your condition further.