How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction Erection in penis occurs either due to physical contact or psychological thoughts. In human brain, there is one sex centre and when it gets aroused, the message is relayed towards penis.

With this, the blood related activity gains speed which in turn gains momentum in the direction of penis. For erection in penis, it is necessary to have suitable hormones. Suitable hormones necessary for erection starts decreasing after the age of sixty years in men.

During intercourse or before that, complete end to the process of erection in penis is known as erectile dysfunction or impotency.

Different Types of Erectile Dysfunction    

There is a possibility that many men might not experience erection at all. Some men might experience erection by thinking about sex itself but when actual intercourse has to be started, then penis becomes flexible.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to physical and psychological reasons both. If erection occurs at any particular time and at the time of sexual intercourse it does not occur then it obvious that problem is at the psychological level.

If erection does not occur at specified time such as at the time of masturbation, getting up in the morning and while urinating, then it means that problem is at physical level.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Initially, this problem is treated by making changes in lifestyle and by doing suitable exercises. A doctor is consulted only when these methods proves futile. Doctor will diagnose the exact cause of the problem and start the treatment accordingly.

If the cause of erectile dysfunction is paucity of hormones then with the help of hormone therapy this problem can be treated within two to three months. No side-effect is associated with this treatment.

Whenever there is reduced blood supply to the penis due to blockage of arteries then the blockage can be easily removed by taking suitable medicines. In some cases, the problem is at the psychological level. In such cases, patient is provided full information related to sex with the help of sex therapy. With it, patient will be able to make necessary changes in his methods.

With the aid of vacuum pump, injection therapy and Viagra, the sexual problem of erectile dysfunction can be treated.

Use of Viagra is a good option for treating this problem but it should not be used without being prescribed from doctor. Elements present in Viagra blocks that particular chemical responsible for stopping blood supply to the penis.

With this, the flow of blood in penis increases and erection gets regulated. Though Viagra is effective but it is a temporary technique. It remains effective only for four hours after taking the pills. Effect starts taking place immediately after fifteen minutes. If a person is suffering from high or low blood pressure, heart disease, liver disorder, leukaemia or any type of allergy than necessary precautions must be taken before taking viagra.

If the above mentioned treatments fail then as a last alternative, surgery of penis is done to treat the problem completely.