How To Test Which Shampoo Is Best For Your Hair

How To Test Which Shampoo Is Best For Your Hair

How To Test Which Shampoo Is Best For Your Hair With the ever-increasing novel ways of advertising products, it becomes really confusing to choose the best shampoo for your hair. While one company promises soft shining hair, the other is ready with a hair fall solution.

While one lady steps forth and narrates how natural shampoos are better than chemical ones, the other lady as beautiful as her, swears how a chemical shampoo helped her with split ends and how she didn’t have to cut her hair! This article is not a debate on which shampoo available in the market is the best and which is not but contains some guidelines, which can help you to select the best shampoo for yourself.

Identify Your Hair Type

The adverse effects of current hectic lifestyles and pollution are first noticed on our skin and hair. So before selecting a shampoo, it is necessary to understand what type your hair is. Hair types are classified as dry, oily, normal and combination type. A tissue paper test a day after shampooing the hair can help you check your hair type.

Identify Your Hair Problems

Also, observe what hair problems you generally suffer from. Hair problems can range from dandruff, extreme oiliness to severe hair fall and dull, lifeless hair. Thankfully, today we have different shampoos available for different hair types and if used after careful analysis, they can improve the condition and look of your hair.

Do Your Own Research

Irrespective of what a shampoo or an advertisements claim, believe in your own experience and research. While researching, also think about how many times you wash your hair in a week. For example, if you spend most of the time outdoors or wash your hair frequently, then a mild shampoo that can be used many times may work best for you. Also, those suffering from dandruff can opt for a gentle lemon based or a medicated shampoo.

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Take Medical Help When Needed

In case, you suffer from severe hair problems or any such ailment, which affects your hair for example: thyroid, which may cause dry hair and hair loss, then you, can consult a dermatologist who can help you selecting the right shampoo. There are also chances that the ailment you are suffering from is responsible for your hair problems than the shampoo you use. Because your health and hair condition are closely related.

Simple Trial Tips For You

1. Most shampoos today, are available in small pouches as well as bottles. Whenever you want to try a new shampoo, buy small pouch first to check how it works on your hair. After you are convinced that it is working fine, then you can go ahead and buy the bottle.

2. If you have oily hair, you can look for shampoos that contain astringent products like citrus, rosemary. If you have dry hair, try moisturizing shampoos, which contain ingredients like egg, tea tree oil. If you have normal hair, lemon and rosemary again might work for you. It is up to you to try out and check yourself what works best for you depending on your hair type and your health.

3. A shampoo, which is suitable to your hair, will leave it clean and soft after shampooing. It should be able to remove the oiliness or greasiness from your hair, but at the same time, should not leave your hair dry after washing. It also could indicate that you are using a detergent based shampoo, which is not recommendable for dry hair.