How To Teach Good Manners To Your Kids

It is very essential to start teaching good manners to your kids as early as possible. Initially you might face some difficulties but in course of time it helps them wherever they are, office or at home. If we teach them good manners at an early age, it helps to build up good charater too.

Guests At Home

If there is a guest at home, ask your kid to greet the guest and invite him to sit inside and switch on the fan/ AC as required. If the guest is an elderly person, ask your kids to show them respect while greeting them, like bowing down and touching their feet. If you teach these manners at an early age he will grow up with good values. He can greet his friends by saying Hi or Hello, but for the elderly person it is very much necessary to show due respect.

Ask them to offer water to the guest. Seek their help in preparing food for the guest. This will teach them some household tasks too. Sometimes the kids do not speak up and stay mum when we have guests at home. They run away and confine themselves in their room. This is a very bad habit. The guests might think that the kid is very ill-mannered. Teach your kids to go and talk to the guest. If he does not like it, still ask him to go and listen to what others say. He should not leave the guest without letting him know.

If the guest brings some present/s for the kid, ask the kid to thank the guest. Sometimes they accept the gift but forget to say thanks. This is not good. Teach them to say thanks from the very begining. This will avoid any future embarrassment. Remember that kids are quick learners. They pick up whatever they see around. So make this habit of saying thankyou to everyone who does anything for you. This will help the kid to learn how and when to say Thankyou to others.

When the Guest takes his leave, tell you kids to come and say goodbye and see you soon. If you take your kids to someone’s house, ask the kid to remove his shoes before entering the house. If someone asks the kid “how are you?” he should reply promptly and cordially. Tell your kids to say Goodbye and Thankyou everytime they take leave from someone’s house.

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At The Dinner Table

To avoid any hesitation and trouble from the kid at the dinner table, from very young age give him variety of food items to eat and do not tolerate his resistance for specific food/s unless there is a genuine health reason. Ask your kid to sit straight at the dining table. Tell him not to hurry up and start eating as soon as the food has been served. Ask him to start eating when all at the table start.

Ask him not to make noise while eating. Do not allow him to stuff too much of food  in his mouth at a time. He should eat slowly, chewing all the food. He should not talk while having food. Ask him to take little portions at a time in his plate. It is very bad manners to waste food. Teach him to use fork, spoon and knife when he is little grown up. When he is done with the food, he should inform everyone politely and take his leave. Leaving the table without letting others know is very bad manners.

During Shopping

To avoid any annoying behavior from your kid while shopping, for example repeated asking for more gifts or a particular toy; before you go for shopping ask them to be polite and make them understand that such behavior will really upset you. This makes them more disciplined from a very young age. Ask them to help you while you are shopping. For example, ask them to bring the required thing from the shelf and put it in the cart safely.

Do not allow your kids to run around in a shopping mall. Stop them climbing up and down the escalators continuously. This might disturb other people at the mall. Picking up stuff without asking is really bad. Do not allow your kids to handle expensive stuffs. If he likes something he should come and ask you first.

Other Important Habits

From an early age ask them to say sorry for whatever wrong they have done. After the kids are done with their studies or play they should keep their books and toys in the assigned place. They should learn to make their bed everyday. Strictly ask them to walk straight. They should not walk in a lazy manner.