How To Teach Children Park Safety

teach kids park safety rules

teach kids park safety rules You little one loves going to a park and it is also one of the best places for kids to have fun and even learn. However, certain parameters when not adhered to, can result in disastrous consequences even in a lovely park. Hence, it is imperative you educate your child on the do’s and don’ts while at a park to ensure safety and health. Learn quick tips on teaching children park safety.

Tips To Teach Children Park Safety

Park Amenities

It is great to have and see water fountain or water body in your neighborhood park. Water seems inviting and your little one may deliberately and accidentally trip into one if proper safety measures are not taken. If you are not within eye contact or are too far to rescue your child, he or she may have a tough time battling with water.

Similarly, the swings or stuff in the play area may hurt your child in more ways than one because of improper usage or because of a careless act from another child or adult. Watch out for such accidents and teach your child on correct usage and to watch out for mishaps.

Stranger Alert

Parks are visited by many people. Most may cause no harm to your little ones but there could be a few who are better stayed away from. Always teach your children to keep away from strangers. Let them first understand who a stranger is and why it is necessary to stay away from them. Do not create a fear in them of strangers because not all mean danger to your kids.

Teach Kids stranger alert

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But it is always better for your little ones to interact with them only in your presence. Ask them to politely decline requests, gifts, toys or eatables from strangers. They must seek your attention when they are subjected to such niceties.

Animals Alert

A park is home to many kinds of animals such as strays, reptiles, creepy crawlies and insects. Kids out of sheer curiosity may want to investigate on specific specie but that may be poisonous or could even sting. Watch out for such animals and educate your kids on potential danger these may cause to them. It is better to appreciate them from a distance or if need be, to ask the guardian to help understand.

Pick A Hot Spot

If by some reason, you find yourself separated from your child; it may cause a lot of mental trouble to you and your kid. Both of you may be running in different directions in search of the other. Avoid such accidents by showing your kid a hot spot that is the go-to spot in case you find the other missing. Keep mentioning this repeatedly so that it stays fresh in his or her mind. Ask your child to wait at that particular spot until you come to fetch him or her.

Eye Contact

Staying within eye contact is the best way to avert accidents or unpleasant situations. Ask your child to wander to no place where you aren’t visible. He or she can play with other kids and inspect things around the park but only under your supervision. Following specific safety measures and right education go a long way in ensuring safety of your child at a park.

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