How To Style Short Hair Styles For Teenagers in 2013

For teenage girls, a short haircut adds that special drama and edginess into the whole idea of dressing up glam. Short spiky crops, tousled layers that are edgy and asymmetric with some choppy bangs add that special ‘something’ to the teenage hair to make things look complete.

How To Style Short Hair Styles For Teenagers

You can add on to the fun with the help of some styling gel or hair serum. Teenagers are always on the lookout for trendy hairdos, hairstyle and makeup. They prefer to look out for a unique style and also for being accepted in a group.

Of course, these days the fashion world is teeming with options and the teenager can pick up the best of them that suits their face types, skin, hair or body types. Short hair styles are in vogue in 2013 and the teenager has a plethora of style options to choose from.

Short Hairstyles 2013

Thus, the short hairstyles coming up in 2013 do not only include the classy hairstyles but also the other sort of haircuts to add that quick drama to your look. In this festive season at the onset of the New Year and also for that great Prom night, get decked up in the most amazing hairstyles available.

Short hairstyles include the texture and the versatility to be there too. Also, you can never get bored with the styles you experiment with. Look at yourself in the mirror or try out on the internet the ample designer hairstyles that suit your face and then go about experimenting with them. You can get that show-stopping appearance anytime with a cute short hairstyle and a wonderful makeover.

Short Hairstyles

The Most Popular Styles

Teenagers get to learn about the changing fashion from the fashion magazines as well as watching their favorite singers or film actors. In spite of that, they also have to consider the physical features, personal styles and preferences. You can look at what matches your taste and then plan your styling.

Teenagers have the option to try our daring hair styles but it is important to take note of the tender age and keep on with the girly, innocent and youthful look.

A Pixie Hairstyle

This hair cut is good for teenagers as this style requires a low maintenance. It looks great on those thin, slender faces. All she has to do for maintenance is stepping out of the shower and blow drying the hair with a little bit of hair spray to add afterwards, if need be. The hair spray will give her hair a bit of lift. There she is, ready for a great day ahead.

A Pixie Hairstyle

Heavy Bangs and a Short Bob

A bob cut and heavy bangs is also an option for that short haired teenager. The bangs add that drama to the simple bob style. Imagine Lady Gaga with her bob that is chin length and those awesome bangs hanging in chunks to add that special sensation to her look. The classy haircut goes well with the big bangs especially for girls with oval or round faces.

Heavy Bangs and a Short Bob

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Page Boy Cut

The page boy cut resembles hair cut like a man and it gives the young girl a change to her look. The hair, if dyed previously with lots of bleaches can go for a boy cut as it helps the hair to develop healthy roots. This also adds to the extra volume later on when the hair is grown back. Hair spray is good for a page boy hair cut.

Choose the hairstyles according to the personality and lifestyle. Accessories and hair clips or a thin headband can be added for that smart look. Taking a tip from the internet or consulting the hair stylist will help spruce up new ideas in styling short hair for some new easy hairstyles in 2013.

Page Boy Cut