How To Stop Sex Addiction

How To Stop Sex Addiction

How To Stop Sex Addiction Sex addiction is more or less a disease that keeps growing in individuals. As a definition, sex addiction is when a person, male or female, gets addicted to having sexual pleasures repeatedly.

They are so addicted to it that nothing else matters to them than being physically intimate with another person. It also means that they are not necessarily looking to get physical with someone they are emotionally involved with, because for them the main purpose is fulfilling their physical sexual desires. As such sex addicts will seek out and lure people in to having sex with them.

This could be meeting random strangers at parties, or bars, or in some cases even hiring prostitutes. Sex addiction usually starts at a fairly young age. During the teenage years when the hormones start bringing changes in our body, we start having urges of different kinds. It is this when sexual desires spike. Once a person gets addicted to having sex and being physical with someone, it is very hard to stop.

There have been countless cases of famous celebrities around the world who have been accused of sexual assualts. Sex addiction is a disease that can easily get carried on from the single life to the married life. This is simply because there is no stopping sex addicts. It is such a horrible ailment that it can destroy your personal and married life. As such it is important for sex addicts to understand the negative magnitude of their illness and try to cure it anyway and every way possible.

Stopping sex addiction is not an easy task, because sex is so deeply bonded with a person’s conscious and subconscious mind that it has to be very delicately handled. The best option is to seek rehabilitation and professional help from a sex counselor. However if you feel that you are strong enough then there are ways you can try yourself to stop your sex addiction.

The Importance of Having a Support System

There are many things in life that people are deemed capable of being able to monitor on their own. In the case of addiction, especially sex addiction, this does not apply even the slightest bit. This is because trying to stop your sex addiction alone will simply urge you to further pursue and continue it.

Therefore remember and try to find someone you can together stop your addiction with. This way you can be the motivational spirit for someone else and remember that you are part of a bond that will fall apart if you fail to control your desires. This, for most people, is reason enough to stop their sex addiction.

Avoiding and Going Against Your Compulsions

If you are addicted to watching pornographic videos, then make sure that you rid yourself of your possession of such explicit material. In addition to that make sure that you restrict your access to these materials via the Internet and/or the Television.

How To Stop Sex Addiction

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An effective way is to have one of your family members or a professional install a coded security system. The access codes should be present with a trusted member of the family, so that you’ll be naturally forced to control your desires.
As for purchasing these materials from the market, just think twice about what you are about to do, and all the efforts you have been making to stop this problem.

Face, Accept, and Admit Your Problem

If you are a sex addict, then simply admit it. If you are addicted to constantly watching pornographic films, then admit it. It is true that it can be quite humiliating and embarrassing to admit the truth; however it is the only true and best way to move on and face your problem. It is a very simple phenomenon, that unless you admit your problem you will never be able to face it.

If you cannot face something then you cannot even begin to think of fixing it and moving on. Admitting to your problem will also help you to understand and comprehend the true nature and extent of your addiction, making the entire process of stopping, much, much easier.

Be a Part of a Support or Therapy Group

Join a therapy group where you meet up and correspond in person with a few people on a regular basis. These groups are based on confessing the truth in front of a few people and admitting to all the personal problems that the individuals concerned are facing. In addition to that they help you set goals and aims for the future that you can look forward to and motivate yourself to achieve.

Seek Professional Help and Guidance

Make an appointment with a professional counselor. He or she will help you understand your problem in a very professional as well as confidential manner. This way your secret, if it is one, will stay hidden and you can simultaneously make efforts towards stopping it. They are trained professionals who will help you to find ways to get rid of your addiction in the most constructive and positive ways. Just remember to be completely honest and lay everything out clearly. It is the best way of helping yourself.


Sex addiction is a problem that continuously progresses in terms of getting worse and worse. It is not something that will eventually fade away with time because addictions only become stronger. There is no plausible reason you see to stop your addiction as such you will always pursue it. It is important for you to understand how it can impact your life. Your personal as well as professional life is at stake with sex addiction.

It is also true that some people try to stop their addiction; however are not strong enough to do so. As such you should try and stop your problem with someone so you can be a motivational force for each other. This way you can also keep reminding each other of the goals you have set out to accomplish. As such follow these tips for a life exempted of sex addiction.