How To Start A Garden

Start A Garden

Start A Garden For novice gardeners, who want a pristine garden with lovely daises, sprightly flowers and beautiful shrubberies, the idea of starting a new garden can be quite daunting.

Most wannabe gardeners get it all wrong by planning haphazardly and trying too much too soon. Here are some basic gardening tips to get you started on the right note.

How To Start A Garden

Choose a Site

Choose a site for your garden, which you can see and enjoy from your favourite place in the bedroom. This will also enable you to enjoy the view and stay motivated to garden. A garden need not be large. A small little niche right outside your door alongside the driveway is a great place to create your own little garden where you and your partner can sit and enjoy your Sunday breakfast.

Assess your Planting Options

Depending on the kinds of vegetables or flowers you want to plant, you will have to choose your site. Vegetables in a kitchen garden require some amount of sun exposure. The same goes for certain varieties of plants. Choosing a dreary, shaded spot for these plants is not a good idea. At the same time, shady spots can be utilized to make a lawn and the surrounding sunny spots can be converted into flower and vegetable beds.

The Right Soil

Plants and vegetables need the right soil to grow so make sure you suitably assess your soil and check it for its pH value. The plants and veggies generally thrive in a moderate soil with an average pH value of 6-6.8.

You also need to see and assess the texture of the soil to see whether it is black, clayey or sandy. This will allow you think of what plants you can grow. It can also allow you to change the texture of your soil with the help of compost.


Preparing the Bed

Preparing the bed can be an arduous task but there is no getting around it. You will have to till and mow the grass or completely de-weed it. The best bet is to completely remove all grass and weeds and clear out the landscape where you want to place your beds.

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You will have to remove the grass clumps and the sod so that new seeds can be planted. The sod tends to also remove the top layer of the soil. The other option is to cover the place with wet newspaper on the grass and place a new layer of soil on the newspaper .The soil will have to be at least 8 inches thick. Good top soil reduces the need for using artificial fertilizers.

Choosing the Plants

Plant seeds of flowers by taking inputs from neighbouring gardens. Those flowers are in season and can add colour to your garden. Plan to plant vegetables that have a longer harvest like tomatoes and beans. Plant seasonal vegetables in the season in which they grow. For example, carrots during the winters will give you a great harvest.

Growing the Plants

Water your plants in the pot the day before you plant them. Choose a good overcast day with little breeze to reduce stress on your plants. Plant them at the same depth as they were in the pots. This is to minimize root damage. Once you have planted all the seeds and plants, water them. Take tips from your local nursery or gardener for daily plant care tips.