How To Sport A Punk Look

Being punk is all about being yourself and being a strong individualist. It is widely believed that dressing in a certain way and dying your hair in bright colors will make you a punk.

However this is not true. Being a punk is more of a mindset and is not limited to just a particular dressing style. It is not about what you wear and how you look, it is about who you are. The following article will elaborate on how to become punk and sport a punk look.

Being a Punk

One of the most fundamental things about being a punk is not to be overly concerned about what other might think of your looks and your beliefs. A true punk is not worried about what other people may think about them. Instead, a true punk is a strong individualist who believes in himself and the ideas that he has. If one is concerned about the opinion of other people, then he or she can not be a punk.

Being a punk is more about the beliefs in this culture and its ideas than about the likes and dislikes of a person. Hence you do not necessarily have to conform yourself to punk music or punk style in order to be punk. Many people believe that being punk is giving up responsibilities and taking to drugs, dropping out of school and being rash. This is a misconception; a true punk is a responsible person and is never impolite and abusive.

Finally, if your parents and elders become worried about becoming a punk and try to talk you out of it, stay calm and try to make them understand why you are becoming a punk. Many elders feel threatened with this culture simply because they do not understand it. Hence you can try to get your message across as smoothly as possible.

Sporting a Punk Look

When it comes to sporting a punk look, you must remember that the clothes and looks that a punk wears, reflects the beliefs in this culture. A punk believes in living life on a roll and living it large. Hence these ideas are reflected in the unique clothing and original looks that a punk sports. Sporting a punk look is how you want to express yourself so let loose and do not be afraid with regard to how to become punk.

Since there can be many kinds of punks, there are consequently different expressions of these styles. Some different punk styles include gothic punk, bubblegum punk, straight edge punk, skinhead punk, skater punk and so on. The kind of punk you want to become will reflect these different styles in terms of your clothing and your looks.


The most basic aspect about sporting a punk look is the clothes that one wears. Since a punk is always unique and original, you can try making your own clothes or giving clothes that you already own a twist of your own. Punks do not believe in brands and hence avoid wearing clothes that are branded and expensive. These clothes go against the beliefs of punk culture since punk culture is against consumerism.

How To Sport A Punk Look

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This is why you can create your own unique styles and be creative with your clothes. Some of the staple clothing styles in the wardrobe of a punk are denim, leopard printed clothes, tartan, army designs, camo materials and plaid or stripe prints. You can wear vests over your tee shirts that are made from denim or pleather and then attach metal button, spikes and other shapes onto them.

One very important symbol of punk culture is the anarchy symbol. You can get motifs that come in this symbol and stitch them on to your shirts, vests and trousers. You can also mix and match your look by adding patches onto your trousers or long zippers on the sides of your trousers.


After the clothes, the second factor about how to become punk is the shoes. With regard to shoes as well, you need to avoid branded and expensive shoes because punk culture is against consumerism. One of the most popular shoes among punks is army boots that are in surplus. Most punks commonly wear these shoes to express their beliefs against materialism and commercialization.

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Other varieties of shoes that are also worn by punks are converse shoes, skate shoes, and so on. Many a time, punks decorate their shoes with painted symbols and added metal spikes and other shapes. Female varieties of popular punk shoes include Mary-Janes, pumps and cowboy boots. With regard to both shoes and clothes, the best places to shop are thrift stores.

Hair Styles

Punks are usually recognized by their outrageous hairstyles more than their clothes and shoes. These hair styles include dying the hair in different shades of bright colors such as pink, blue, red, purple, green, orange and so on.

Also, apart from dying your hair, you can wear your hair in various flamboyant styles. One of the most common types of hair style for a punk is the Mohawk which is a hair style with spikes. There are also variations of Mohawks such as bihawk and trihawk, liberty spikes and bitch handles. In case you want to sport a more reserved hairstyle, you can try the fauxhawk which is a more conservative variation of the Mohawk.

Besides styling your hair in these different hair styles, you can also try decorating your hair with things such as long feathers, beads and so on. You can also try wearing a different hair style on each side of your head for a more distinguished look.


Apart from the clothes, shoes and hairstyles, accessorizing is another part of how to become punk. Besides decorating your clothes and hair, you can wear accessories on your wrists such as wrist bands, chains and so on. You can also try wearing interesting belts with spikes.

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The most important thing to remember is to be creative so you can try and experiment with anything you want if you feel that it reflects your style and personality.