How To Shampoo And Condition Your Hair

how to shampoo and condition hair

how to shampoo and condition hair Glowing skin and healthy hair are two great factors, which indicate your health. If you are suffering from any disorder or nutrient deficiency, it may show on your hair.

For example, those suffering from hypothyroidism have dry hair and hair fall as one of the symptoms. Did you know that the shampooing and conditioning technique you apply affects the well-being and appearance of your hair? It might sound stupid but hair is delicate and if not cared for properly, can become dull, lifeless, and thin with time.

Depending on your hair type and your daily routine, you may choose to shampoo your hair frequently or maybe once a week. Also, instead of blindly following advertisements, it is advisable to research yourself and decide which shampoo and conditioner is best for your mane. This article is a quick guide for shampooing and conditioning hair correctly so that you can make your tresses lustrous and magnificent!

Clean Your Tresses With Your Favorite Shampoo

Make sure that you use a shampoo, which suits your hair type and hair problems, if any. In case you suffer from any kind of ailment, which is adversely affecting your tresses, it is wise to consult a dermatologist who can guide you in your hunt for a suitable shampoo. The purpose of a shampoo should be to gently cleanse your hair without stripping off the natural oils and leaving them arid and rough.

Before shampooing the hair, it is recommended to comb your hair because if you wet your hair with tangles in it, it can break and hence cause damage to your hair. After combing or brushing, you can also gently massage the scalp using fingers only. After that wet your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Take a small amount of shampoo and add a little water to it. Now, slowly rub the concoction on the entire scalp with your fingers. Never rub vigorously thinking that it will clean the scalp effectively. Rather, it may do more harm than good. After that, rinse of the shampoo with lukewarm water. On many shampoo bottles, there is an instruction to repeat this procedure. However, if done properly, you can clean your hair all in one go as well.

Lock In Moisture And Soften Your Tresses By Conditioning

Now that your hair is spic and span, it is time to condition your hair. Using a hair conditioner softens your hair, especially the ends and helps in making it tamable. A conditioner also adds shine and nourishes your hair.

Take a small amount of conditioner, apply gently on the tips of the hair, which look dry after shampooing in maximum cases, and actually need conditioning. Do not rub the conditioner like a shampoo. Just apply it moderately. Do not apply the conditioner to the roots of your hair or on the scalp.

After applying the conditioner, wait for a few minutes and then wash out the conditioner first with lukewarm water and finally with cold water. Wrap a towel over your head, which can soak the dripping water and remove it after a few minutes. Let the hair dry first and then comb it with a wide toothed comb to prevent breakage of your still moist hair.