How To Remodel A Kitchen

Fixture And Finish

Traditionally and classically, full time mothers and home makers are superwomen in kitchen. Kitchen is the place where they have every little thing in control. Starting from figuring out the appropriate number of shelves, place to keep your cooking top, number of cabinets and the entire design of the kitchen, women love to see everything perfect in their kitchen.

So do not let your wife get bored with a typical kitchen and give her wife a piece of her well deserved treasure, see her smiling in a beautifully remodelled kitchen. Here are some of the ways in which you can remodel your kitchen.

Ways To Remodel A Kitchen


Think about the things you would actually need in your kitchen like how many cabinets and shelves, appliances, fixtures and so on.

cabinets and shelves

Overcrowding the kitchen with fancy items which may not serve utility will initially make your kitchen look pretty but then you would not know what to do with them and they consume space unnecessarily. So think about only those items which would give you some utility. You can browse some home decor magazines or even visit lifestyle stores to get ideas from their model kitchens.


Once you have decided and planned out the things that you would need in your kitchen, you will need to allocate your budget wisely among all the things. As a homeowner, you are not expected yo know the exact price of everything related to kitchen. Visit a lifestyle store to understand the costs. There are different materials like ply, fibre, medium density moulded wood and others which you can use to design your cabinets. These materials are priced differently. Also, your flooring costs will differ based on the floor style you choose. Finally, costs will also change depending on the fixtures, electric fittings, windows and the number and kind of appliances you want to keep in your kitchen.

Fixture And Finish Specifications

Only you will know your kitchen style, whether it is going to be modern or classic, cottage or a personally customized style kitchen. You will also know whether you want a white kitchen or a natural wood kitchen or a coloured kitchen.

Fixture And Finish

Once you know all these, you need to decide on the final fixtures and finishes which include cabinetry construction type, door-stye, finish, colour, countertop material, kitchen sink, faucets, refrigerator and other appliances, light fittings and decorative hardware.


Once you have understood and decided your budget you need to find and hire professionals who will remodel your kitchen, even if you are following the Do It Yourself route for your electrical wiring and plumbing.

Professionals remodel kitchen

Professionals will help you with almost everything, starting from space planning, choosing fixtures and finishes, shopping, ordering products and helping you from start to finish. You can talk to your friends and colleagues for referral for a professional architect or designer and once you get in touch with someone, things will proceed smoothly.


This is to make the kitchen remodelling absolutely perfect from head to toe. Even after construction, you can miss little things, so keep a checklist and once the remodelling is over, just go through the list to make sure everything is in place.

paint touch ups, floor polish

Keep a list to things you need to check finally, like whether all switch plates are in places, paint touch ups, floor polish, whether all the light fittings and plumbing is working. Follow these steps and you have remodelled your kitchen beautifully!