How To Relieve Gas In Babies

Relieve Gas In Babies

More than half of babies suffer from gas in the first few months of their life. The incidence of gas is maximum in the first two months of their life. This is primarily due to their underdeveloped and immature digestive system, which is gradually being accustomed to breast and formula milk.

The milk forms gas bubbles in the digestive tract, which does not pass out and gives rise to bloating and pain in the stomach. The typical symptoms of gas are uncontrollable crying, burping, curling up legs in pain etc. While gas is very common in babies, it can also be easily remedied with the help of these tips.

Relieve Gas In Babies

Ways To Relieve Gas In Babies

Correct Burping

It is very important to correctly burp your baby after each feed. Burping prevents gas bubbles from being formed in the stomach. The baby must be burped after each feed especially if he/she takes milk from a bottle.

Put the baby on your shoulder and gently rub his/her back until she /he burps.  The other way of burping the child is to put him/her face down on your lap and gently pat his/her back. There are lesser chances of gas being formed if the baby has been burped correctly.

Feed in an Upright Position

Feeding the baby while he/she is flat on the bed is asking for trouble. Make sure your baby is partially reclined while feeding. A slightly older baby can be made to sit up with the help of soft cushions and pillows to support him/her while he/she feeds. This will ensure a smooth intake of milk, other foods, and lesser chances of colic and gas.

Relieve Gas In Babies

A Warm Bath

A warm bath everyday will soothe the baby and give him/her relief from gas and colic. You can also try placing warm compresses on the baby’s stomach in the eventuality of pain.

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Massage is probably one of the best techniques for eliminating the formation of gas in the baby’s stomach. Rub some warm coconut or olive oil on the baby’s stomach in smooth circular motions. This will release any gas bubbles that are being formed in the stomach.


Asafoetida is one of the best remedies for gas. Heat some asafoetida in water for a few minutes. Let the mixture cool down such that it is luke warm. Now with the help of cotton, rub this mixture on the baby’s tummy in round circular motions. This will give immediate relief from gas.

Anti-Gas Medication

Regular and incessant bouts of gas are not good either for the baby or for the frantic parents who have a hard time controlling a crying infant. In such cases, it is better to show the baby to a doctor who will recommend or prescribe some anti- gas medication.

Relieve Gas In Babies

Use The Right Bottle and Formula

It is also important to check your bottle and feeding position while feeding the baby. At times, the baby takes in too much of air while feeding due to a faulty feeding position. This can lead to gas. It is also prudent to change or switch over to another formula if the one you are using is not suiting the baby.