How To Prevent A Miscarriage Naturally

How To Prevent A Miscarriage Naturally

How To Prevent A Miscarriage Naturally It has been reported that almost one in five pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. A miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion (SAB) is when a pregnancy terminated on its own. This usually happens within the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy.

It is a very demoralizing event for a woman to have to go through. A lot of women go in a state of shock and depression after having a miscarriage. As such it is important to understand the nature of miscarriage, how it happens, and how a woman and a couple together can effectively try to prevent it. The most common reason of a miscarriage is the partial attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterus wall. This can happen a few weeks after the pregnancy, and the egg will be lost in heavy bleeding that would accompany it.

Among the other reasons are stress, lack of diet, poor health, and many more. Miscarriages can be life threatening to the woman because of the excessive bleeding that can take place and in very severe and extreme cases the loss of life can also occur. There are various treatments to help prevent miscarriages, and further to help prevent recurrent miscarriages; however it is best to ensure all the safety measures yourself so the need of drugs, surgery, and pills is automatically eliminated.

Pregnancy can be a very exciting for a woman and a couple together because they will soon be blessed with a new baby. However having a miscarriage will ruin it all and make you very sad. As such try and do what you can to have a healthy and safe pregnancy for the sake of your health and that of your babies.

The Most Important Don’ts of Pregnancy

Stop your alcohol consumption and your smoking right away. It is best to never do it in the first place; however you should definitely quit your smoking habits about 3 to 4 months before you plan to conceive and you should limit, if not completely stop, your alcohol consumption. Both of these drugs cause adverse damage to the human body, and the damage they cause to a growing baby is tremendous. Alcohol destroys brain cells and it also interferes with the baby’s cerebral development.

Also it pollutes the blood as such the nutrients that are in the blood get polluted as well. Since the mother’s blood is responsible of taking care of the baby’s blood, it all gets polluted. You should also steer clear of drugs because they can cause miscarriages very easily. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol are all responsible for causing hormonal imbalances in the blood, as such causing the woman to experience a miscarriage.

Having a Balanced and Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Eat well, eat well, and eat well. A lot of women feel various types of cravings all throughout their pregnancy. Now it very normal to satisfy these cravings once in a while; however to live on them, quit eating your healthy normal food, and skipping meals is something that can cost you the life of your baby. This is because eating healthy food such as green leafy vegetables, lean and fibrous meat, dairy products, and protein rich foods help the development of the fetus.

How To Prevent A Miscarriage Naturally

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These nutrients are responsible for the effective maturity of a growing child and ensuring the normality of his bodily functions. Any deficiency in the consumption of foods and nutrients and the baby could develop a lot of ailments upon and after birth. For example, not eating enough iron causes vision ailments for which kids have to resort to spectacles. As such make sure to eat all your vegetables and foods.

Exercising Regularly

Staying fit is the key to a healthy and happy pregnancy. It is understandable that you will soon be gaining a drastically huge amount of weight due to the growth of the baby. As such this growth and extra weight makes most women very lethargic and lazy. The more you let yourself go, the more negative impact it will have on your baby because it’s growth will suffer.

This is because your heart will not be healthy, your hormones would not be under control, and things like your blood sugar could also spiral out of control. This is why it is important to exercise. Exercising will help keep you mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. It relieves a lot of stress. Walking and swimming are two great exercises for pregnant women.

Staying Stress Free and Emotionally Healthy

Stress causes hormonal imbalances, which is the direct culprit of causing miscarriages. It is very important for pregnant women to stay positive. Being positive sends out positive vibes throughout the body and this makes the baby feel healthy, safe, and happy. If you are constantly stressed and unhappy then the baby will suffer a lot. Stress and emotional trauma can happen through anything. Arguments with your spouse can also trigger these.

As such the best approach is to meditate in order to stay calm and relaxed. And whenever a predicament arises between you and your spouse or anywhere, the best thing to do is sit down and talk everything out in a calm and mature way. This way you can resolve the conflict and avoid causing harm to your pregnancy. Be happy, pregnancy is a beautiful thing.


Never hold anything back because this is how emotional baggage builds up and causes harm to you and the people around you. The question you must realize the answer to is that, “Is this baby worth any risks at all?” A rhetorical question to begin with; however it is one that must be asked. Whenever you find yourself in any type of predicament, just ask yourself the question and you will be able to come back on track. In addition to that follow the above tips regularly and make sure you and your partner are both fully involved in the process all the way through, and you will never have to worry about a miscarriage.