How To Prepare Dining Setting For A Party

How To Prepare Dining Setting For A Party

How To Prepare Dining Setting For A Party When you are having guests over at your place, especially if you are having a formal party, besides doing up your house and decorating it for the party, it is also essential that you lay the table well.

A place setting increases the beauty of the party and adds to your credibility as a good host. So if you keen on playing a good host and want a perfect table for your party read on to find out how to get the right dining setting.

Start with a Proper Table Cloth and Centerpiece

Before you start using your fine china and decorating it on your table, it is extremely necessary that you place a beautiful table cloth to add to the beauty of the setting. A crochet cloth or a fine lace table cloth looks magical and can add an exoticism to your entire dining experience. Make sure that there are no lose threads and the table cloths hangs out evenly on all the sides.

Adding a centerpiece is a great idea if you are having a party for formal guests or for special occasions like Independence Day or Thanksgiving. You can make beautiful centerpieces using dry flowers and candles and they can make the ambience look dreamy and sophisticated.

Setting The Table

Make sure that you lay that many plates as many guests you are having over. The table mats must be blending well with the table cloth so that the entire setting seems to be in sync. Place the table mats at equal intervals and lay your dinner plates on them. Using fine china is a good idea if you are having a formal party. Select a dinner set that is elegant and classy and just like the table mats and every other element t it must blend in well.

After the plates are in place put the cutleries in order. The dinner forks and the salad forks must always be placed on the left hand side of the plate. Do not confuse dinner forks and salad forks; the latter is smaller than the dinner forks. Place the knives on the right hand side of your plate setting, and on the right of the knives place the dinner spoons. If you have soup in the starting course then place the soup spoon next to the dinner spoons. Before placing the cutlery, clean them with a soft cloth so that they look as good as new. If you are using silverware then polish them well before using.

The wine flutes and the glasses must be compatible with the rest of the setting; using crystal ware for formal parties will make sure that you leave a good impression on your guests. Place your glasses on the right hand side, i.e. right above the dinner knives.

Do not forget napkins for the perfect dinner setting. Use  napkins in the same color pattern as the table cloth and mats. You can add interesting and elegant napkin rings to add to the beauty of your table setting.

It always feels great when you notice how people appreciate your efforts! Play the perfect host and experiment with different themes for a dining setting, remember setting the table is also an art that can be mastered.

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