How To Prepare A Baby Bottle

How To Prepare A Baby Bottle

How To Prepare A Baby Bottle If you are planning to introduce the baby to a bottle there are certain tips to be followed and safety instructions to be kept in mind while preparing the bottle. Formula feeding is safe as long as you take a few precautions.

Expiry Dates Of Package

Always check the expiry date of the carton. Do not buy expired formula or cartons that are damaged, torn or leaking. Do not buy dented or leaky tins


Always wash your hands with soap and water before preparing the baby’s bottle. Wash off the top of the tin or carton with soap and water before opening it. If the formula is liquid, use clean scissors to open the pack. Wash the scissors before and after use. If you are using a can opener, you need to wash this thoroughly as well.

If you are using the bottles and teats for the first time, rinse then thoroughly with detergent and a brush and immerse them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. You really don’t need any special sterilizing equipment to boil bottles.

Preparing The Formula

Make sure you use purified drinking water for the baby’s formula. Boil it for 5 minutes and let it cool. Test the temperature on your hands. Follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions while preparing the formula. Dilute the formula in the boiled water just sufficiently. If the diluted formula is mild or too weak, it will stunt growth and if it is too diluted and too strong, it can dehydrate the baby.

Once the formula is diluted give the bottle to your baby. There is no harm in slightly warming the formula if that is what your baby likes. In this case give him the bottle when the water s just luke warm. However it is wise to let your baby get used to room temperature formula and formula straight out of the fridge. It just means lesser hassle for the mother.


Once the formula is ready give the formula in the bottle to the baby. Do not leave the formula standing for a long time as it leads to bacteria multiplying and spoiling the milk.

Once the baby has had his fill from the bottle, throw out the remnants. Never store used formula milk. Rinse the bottle and teats right after use and store them on a clean surface.

Cover the liquid formula cartons tightly and store them in a refrigerator for no longer than the time specified on the carton. Opened cans of powder can be stored in the fridge or in a cool, dry place as deemed fit.

Never freeze liquid formula and if it has been frozen, do not use it. Before the baby feeds again, make sure his bottles are boiled and sterilized. In case you are travelling you can boil the bottles previously and store them in an insulated container kept in an ice box filled with ice. If you have to feed baby on the way, you may take measured formula scoops in different pouches along with a flask of boiled water so that the baby can be easily and readily fed.