How To Plan A Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden plans

An autumn harvest is probably the best time to start a vegetable garden. There are plethora of options to choose from, from carrots, berries, lettuce, beans and lemons.

The best part about growing a vegetable garden is that by the time the plants grow and it is time to harvest, you have hit the lovely season of spring when the vegetables are fresh and plump for eating. Growing a vegetable garden is not easy and requires some planning and lots of hard work.

vegetable garden plans

Tips To Plan A Vegetable Garden

Plan in Advance

You need to figure out how much time and space do you have in your hands to devote to your vegetable garden. If space is a constraint, a container garden of potted plants might be a good option. Of course, it severely restricts the number of vegetables you can produce.

Container gardening can help you harvest herbs, berries, lemons and other small fruits and vegetables. If you have a miniature back yard with adequate sunlight, you can get a raised bed and grow 3-4 different varieties of plants.

Curtail The Ambition

It is better to start with a very small garden and then expand as you become familiar with the nuances of vegetable gardening. Otherwise, you will simply be overwhelmed with the number of different varieties and the end produce will be too much for a small family to consume. Start small and expand with each year, as you get confident.

indoor vegetable gardening

Choose Easy To Grow Plants

When you are just starting out, grow plants that are easy to care for and give you decent produce. Strawberries and small cherry tomatoes are a good option. So are herbs. Berries can give you the numbers and there will be enough to share even with your neighbours. Berries are also healthy and can be used for a wide variety of other things like crushes and jams.

Share Seeds and Equipment

It does not make sense to spend huge amounts on equipment and seeds. Instead, share with your neighbours who can help you with the tools, equipment and even extra packets of seeds.

Do a barter exchange for things that you and your neighbours may need. Buy quality tools if you must. If you are planning on long term gardening, then buy only quality tools. They may be very expensive but they will see you through for years and years to come.

vegetable gardening tips

Read up

It is also important to read up on the subject of vegetable gardens especially if you are planning to do the gardening yourself. This will ensure that you are primed and prepped up in the area of gardening.

Make it a Family Thing

Do not view gardening as a chore. Enlist the help and support of family members in looking after the plants. For example the children can be made to look after the herbs while your little ones can be asked to water them. This will make gardening a fun filled activity and a beautiful time pass.