How To Master Creativity In Your Child

How To Master Creativity In Your Child

How To Master Creativity In Your Child The key measure of your child’s competitiveness is creativity.  In the current intense competitive world,  for your child to sustain in any field, one of the important qualities required is creativity.

Is creativity by birth or it can be learned, is always a mind boggling query for parents. Of course, creativity can also be learned, but for some fields, it should be original.  As such, creative fields are innumerable, the competition for them is intense and the requirement is moderate.

The ambience at school and at home, is the first foundation for planting the seeds of creativity in your child.  Many important points can be written creatively about creativity.  Well; having got much interest to understand the causes and effects of creativity in children, I raised the following queries to myself.

 How To Nurture Creativity In Children:

Obviously, this is an ambiguous question to be answered by many parents.  First thing which I want to say is that, the brain of your child is very quick in grasping, specifically up to the age of 10 years.  Therefore, feed as much information as possible in to your child’s brain.  However, this does not imply that, your child should be given pains without his interest.

Observe the time that he takes to listen to you and thereby,  you can decide what should be taught to him frequently and to do this, you must first find out his interesting areas like sports, painting, dancing, singing and so on.

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Create Interest In Creativity:

Encourage your child to take maximum participation in various activities at his school or college.  Competitive activities like elocution, essay writing, story writing, public speaking etc., are helpful to breed interest in your child to acquire creativity.

Admit Small Or Big Loop Holes:

You cannot expect your child to become perfectly creative in one day or become a winner on the very first day.  Taking participation is essential, winning or losing is a trivial issue in the initial stage.  As a parent,  if you find any loop holes in your child’s performance,  do not discourage, because, bouncing back is only to hitting forward.

Sharpen The Brain With Analysis And Reasoning:

Do not get bored to clarify the doubts of your child, though they may appear as nothing to you.  Questions like, how does an aero plane fly or does the wall clock change day and night or why cannot my birthday be celebrated every month etc., are quite intriguing to answer.  If you give answer in a simple yes or no, in no way you are grooming your child with creativity.

Therefore, answer his queries with analysis and valid reasons, in 4 to 5 sentences and I am sure that your child will follow the meaning of your answer and his question.

Stop Counting The Winning Days:

Your child getting certificates, may be happy for you, at the same time if your child happens to be a loser, appreciate him for his attempt and guide him for his betterment in the future.  This attitude of parents motivates children to perform well in the future.

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