How To Manage ADHD Behavior In Children

Manage ADHD Child

The full form for ADHD is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is also referred to as Attention deficit disorder by some people. But ADD is an incomplete term because children who suffer from attention problems are also usually excessively hyperactive.

This problem is much more common than it was known earlier. This is because very often kids suffering from this disorder were just branded as being ill mannered, disobedient and hyperactive. But it has now been discovered that this is actually a behavior disorder that can stem from a variety of different reasons. A child is born with this problem and it does not develop over time like other diseases.

Tips To Deal ADHD Behavior In Children

Things To Remember

If you are the parent or guardian of a child suffering from ADHD, you need to remember that there is nothing physically wrong with your child. It is just that some parts of his/her brain function differently from a normal person’s. This does not mean that he/she is incapable of anything.

Manage ADHD Child

Such kids can perform daily functions and tasks as easily as anyone else. Their problem areas are social interactions, trouble focusing on things, inability to disengage from certain tasks and not being able to sit still for too long. Such kids also have problems in social interactions and forming close human bonds. There are a few basic things that may help in managing a child with ADHD as listed below.

Draw Up A Daily Activity Chart

A child suffering from ADHD hates life to be unpredictable. He/she usually finds comfort when his/her day is planned out ahead in time. Make a daily schedule of activities, tasks and chores along with the time. This way your child will know what to do next and at exactly what time. It will help if the entire family also follows a similar routine.

List Out What You Expect

When you indulge in a certain activity or task with your child, make sure he/she is aware of what you expect from him/her during that time. Also specify the boundaries and rules that must be adhered to. This will ensure that he/she knows what will and will not be tolerated in terms of behavior and activity.

Praise And Reward Readily

Whenever a child with ADHD does something good, make sure you appreciate the effort. Praise is a good way of helping the child remember what to do the next time as well. Specify certain rewards for specific daily activities. You can award a gold star for every time your child finishes homework and say that 10 gold stars will allow him an extra 30 minutes of television in the evening.

ADHD child

Plan Lots Of Activities

Any kid with ADHD should be kept as busy as possible. Free time only gives him/her an opportunity to behave badly. Encourage him/her to develop a hobby and make sure that he/she has ample resources to indulge in. If he/she likes butterflies, purchase a book or game about the same. Physical activity like cycling or swimming is also a very good way to expend extra energy. This way the child will sleep better at night and be well rested the next day. Good sleep always helps in calming a child down.

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