How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger Women spend maximum time working in the kitchen so it is very important to think about decorating and keeping your kitchen as clean as the other parts of the house.

In order to make your kitchen look bigger all you need is just space management and changes in the interiors of the kitchen and you will get your desired spacious kitchen. Improper arrangement of the things in the kitchen makes them look smaller and cramped. But by following some steps you can make your kitchen look roomy and airy. All you need is just to follow few suggestions and change the placement of few things in the kitchen and get a capacious kitchen.

Create Space with Stylish Drums

Stylish drums will make your task easier as they will give a stylish touch to your kitchen and along with that you will get easier access to all the daily needs in the kitchen. These stylish containers or drums can be used for storing important things which are needed quite often rather everyday in the kitchen. So instead of spreading the things all around keep them at one place that is the drums.

If you want you can keep 2-3 drums in the kitchen and mark them with labels about the contents you have stored in them. This will help you in finding what thing is kept in which drum along with a cleaner and spacious look to your kitchen. In the market you can find various shapes and sizes of these drums, but the most stylish ones are the ones with steel look and wrought iron drums.

Light-up the Ceiling of the Kitchen

Want to give stylish and sizeable look to your kitchen, and then this is the best idea to do so. Light up the ceiling lights of the kitchen to give it bigger look. Same way if you have a combined dining area too along with the cooking area then you can implement this idea in your dining area too.  Install Top-lights in the dining area, especially above the dining table and make it look larger. You can make the kitchen cabinets and almirahs also look bigger by mounting lights. This way they will appear bigger and secondly you would be able to find or look for required things easily.

Induct a Multipurpose Table in the Kitchen

If you have the dining table attached in the kitchen, then you should get it designed in a bit different manner. Do not go for a simple typical dining table instead settle down for a dining table which solves many other purposes too. Like you can get a unique dining table made in the kitchen which otherwise acts as a kitchen platform rest of the time and while having food you can place chairs around it and use it as a dining table.

Remove the Walls to Create Space

If your house is small and even then you want your kitchen to look bigger, then the best way to do so is to go for ‘Open Kitchen’. In an Open Kitchen you remove most of the walls and keep it open and airy. This will help in creating a lot of space in the kitchen and it will appear spacious.

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

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But in such kitchen installing a chimney is a must, so that all the smoke goes out of the kitchen and does not spared in the house and makes it dirty. In case of open kitchens you should keep in mind that chimney is a vital part, otherwise the smoke emitted from the gas burners will fill all the rooms of the house and will make it difficult for you to sit in the house.

Keep the Platform Spotless and Sparkling

Always keep this thing in mind that keeping the platform of the kitchen tidy and shipshape is a must. Even bigger kitchens look smaller if their platforms are not spick and span. So it is very important to maintain proper hygiene and keep the platform neat and tidy all the time to give a bigger look to your kitchen. Once you finish with the cooking and cutting on the platform just wipe it clean with a wet cloth. Making this a habit will always keep you kitchen platform clean and tidy.

Change the Wall Paint for Spacious Kitchen

Always use lighter shades on the walls of the kitchen, because light colours give a roomy and larger look to any room. Even small rooms start looking bigger if they have light shades on the walls. If you want to make your kitchen look stylish also along with bigger one then you can use two shades of light colour to paint the two walls each. This will make your kitchen look funky too and you will not get the boring feeling while working in the kitchen. White and grey combination of wall paints is supposed to be the best pone for the kitchen walls. So why not try these two shades and make it look larger and exciting too.

Right Placement of the Electronic Gadgets

All the electronic gadgets or kitchen appliances should not be kept on the kitchen platform. Kitchen Appliances like Oven, Microwave, Griller, etc. should be kept on the small wooden platforms made on the walls of the kitchen .Getting them fitted on the walls will give you space on the platform and they will be fixed near to the electrical sockets so using them will also be easier.

Get Longer Cabinets in the Kitchen

Instead of going in for broader cabinets get the longer cabinets in your kitchen. This will give you dual benefits firstly you will get more space for storage in the form of compartments and secondly the cabinets will stay away from the reach of children. In these elongated kitchen cabinets you can keep the things which are occasionally used like expensive dinner sets and crockery etc.

Install Large Windows

Large windows are better than smaller ones for the kitchen, this will give a capacious look to your kitchen because the outer are around the kitchen will also appear added to it. This will help in cross ventilation of the kitchen and the kitchen will become airy along with looking larger.

Thus by using these easy tips you can make your kitchen look bigger and enjoy your cooking time in this spacious kitchen.