How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes are the most crucial part of your body that express your feelings without uttering a single word. They are the most amazing organ that portray the perfect situation of the individual whether she is in a jovial mood, in a happening state of mind or in a depressing mood.

They have the power to cast a magic spell on others giving you a special identity and highlighting you amidst the crowd. They are a wonderful component of your organic structure that can make you look stunning, smart and confident. Girls, with small eyes need not worry much and lament over the issue of having small eyes. Because there are always alternatives to get rid of your worries. Here are some of the wonderful and easy tricks to make your eyes look big thus enhancing your beauty.

Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Use a Concealer

Concealer For Bigger Eyes

Apply concealer all around your eyes to conceal the dark circles across and under your eyes. Dark circles impose a tiring look to your face. So, it is very important to apply concealer to remove the tiredness of your face making it rejuvenated.

Make the Base

Lotion For Bigger Eyes

It is generally seen that if you do not prepare the base of your eyes well, your make up does not hold good and it gets smudged all across your face making you look just pathetic. So, preparing the base well is of utmost importance for initiating the make up session of your eyes. Apply a lotion or a moisturiser on your eyelids uniformly. This will hold the make up preventing it from getting blurred all over.

Apply Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow For Bigger Eyes

Girls with small eyes are strictly advised to apply light coloured eye shadow on the upper eyelids up to the brow line. Skin coloured eye shadow perfectly blends with your natural colour depleting the artificial look from your eye. Even silver coloured eye shadow works great to widen your eyes.

Apply Eye Liner

Eye Liner For Bigger Eyes

Applying liner is an art. The more dedicated is your practice the more sexy is your application of the liner. Apply brown coloured or black colour liner on the rim of the upper eye lids. Do not apply it on the eye line. And do not apply too thick liner. Rather prefer a narrow thin liner. Avoid the continuation of the liner till the inner corner of your eyes. Leave it till the middle. Well, applying white coloured liner may sound a bit odd, but white liner helps intensely to enlarge your small eyes.

Use Highlighter

Highlighter For Bigger Eyes

Platinum coloured highlighter if applied across your brow line in dots and then mixed uniformly with the skin makes your eyes prominent. Even apply the highlighter in the inner corner of the small eyes to make your eyes look spectacular.

Curl your Eyelashes

One of the important steps of the make up of small eyes is the curling of the eye lashes using a curler that gives an enhanced look to the face. You can also use a natural looking artificial eye lashes. Bigger eye lashes make your eyes look big.

Curl Eyelashes For Bigger Eyes

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Apply Mascara

Apply black coloured mascara in a circular motion to the upper eye lashes and vertically to the lower eye lashes. Mascara gives a gorgeous look to your eyes. And specially gives a sensuous look to your eyes.

Mascara For Bigger Eyes

Manicure your Eye Brows

A neat eye brows outline your eyes in a fantastic manner. Shabby brows give a dull appearance even after applying a heavy make up. So, it is absolutely essential to manicure your eye brows properly to make your eye make up complete. Finally give a finishing touch to your brows with the black brow pencil. You have successfully prepared your eyes to be a part of any gathering be it official or personal. You look superb, fantabulous, confident and smart. Your small eyes are no longer small. Rather they have been shaped in such a manner that they impart an imposing & seductive, sensuous, gorgeous and beautiful look to your individuality.

Manicure Eye Brows For Bigger Eyes

The make up steps if applied sequentially and properly will induce an amazing effect on your eyes and overall personality on the whole. You look awesome, marvellous and wonderful. But girls, you need to be aware that make up is an art. It needs tremendous practice, determination and dedication. And the perfection can never be attained in one single day. It needs time and you ought to provide it your precious time. Learn and rectify from the mistakes made and it is absolutely true that you will finally be an expert in eye make up and grooming of your individuality.